Get to Know the Car Air Conditioning System and the Components in It

The car air conditioning system is actually a series of components that are made in such a way, with the aim of regulating the temperature and humidity in the car cabin.

There is also a car air conditioning system that does not always cool the cabin, but heats the cabin temperature. Unfortunately, because in Indonesia the temperature is hot, the car's AC system only cools the cabin.

Even though it's complicated, the reality on the ground is that you have to understand how the car AC system works. This is because if one day your car's air conditioner breaks, at least you know the cause if you already understand how the car's AC system works.

So that when you take it to the repair shop, you will understand what the damage is that hinders the workings of the car's AC system.

Car air conditioning system works depending on the components in it. And each component of the car air conditioner also has its own function. Everything synergizes and in the car's air conditioning system and produces coolness in the cabin.

For that, if you don't understand the working system of car air conditioners, then it's not too late. Now Auto Insurance Agencies will provide you with information about the working system of the car air conditioner, so that you can understand the condition of the cabin cooler when there is a problem.

But before understanding the working system of a car air conditioner, it's a good idea to get acquainted with some of the components of a car air conditioning system. Because of this car's AC component, the car's AC system is able to work well.

Car Air Conditioning System Components

Car air conditioning system components consist of several items. The components of this car air conditioning system have their respective functions which then make the car air conditioner give off its coolness.

Here are some components of the car air conditioning system that you need to know. In order to easily understand the working system of the car air conditioner.

1. Compressor

The compressor is the most vital car air conditioner component. This component has a function to drain freon into the car air conditioner.

The compressor is driven by a car engine with a magnetic clutch that connects the rotation to the engine so that it can be turned on and off.

2. Condenser

Next is the condenser which in the car air conditioner functions to convert the freon gas into a liquid form. In addition to converting freon into liquid, the condenser filters dirt particles in the car air conditioner as well.

In detail, the car AC condenser transfers heat from the freon to the outside air. In the circuit, freon must pass through several cores as well as the radiator working system. Then, between the cores the air will carry the hot temperature.

3. Receiver Dryer

The function of the receiver dryer in a car air conditioner is to filter back all the dirt that accidentally enters the AC system.

All incoming dirt will be filtered by this tool. Dryers are also known as filters in car air conditioner components.

For this reason, the dryer must be cleaned regularly, at least once a year. This is because the dryer filters dust and dirty objects. This is of course to prevent damage to the car air conditioner.

4. Expansion Valve

The next component of the car air conditioner is the expansion valve which usually makes fog or fog. The expansion valve is used to convert high-pressure liquid freon to low pressure in the form of mist.

5. Evaporator

The evaporator is a component of a car air conditioner that functions to absorb hot air outside, then the hot air is flowed into the room.

The hot air is then absorbed, then through the cold side of the evaporator, exhaled back to the outside. So that the coolness or cold air from the AC will be felt.

How the Car Air Conditioning System Works

After understanding what components are contained in a car air conditioner. Then the next is to understand how car air conditioners work. In the car air conditioning system, there are several stages.

1. Compressor Pumps Freon

The first stage in the car air conditioning system is when the air conditioner, then the compressor starts to work. The compressor is in charge of pumping freon which is still in the form of gas.

The power in the compressor determines how quickly the cold air from the air conditioner cools the cabin.

In detail, the compressor pumps freon gas at a very high pressure. Even to be able to penetrate the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. The compressor pumps freon gas into the condenser, then from there it turns into a liquid form.

2. Freon Liquid Passes Through the Receiver Dryer

After being converted into a liquid in the condenser, usually there is dust and dirt carried by the freon when it was still a gas. So that when it becomes a liquid, the condenser flows directly into the receiver dryer.

receiver dryer filters out dust and dirt so it doesn't interfere with the cooling machine. Likewise the steam that is blown, is already clean because the dirt has been filtered by the receiver dryer.

3. Liquid Freon Becomes Vapor

The next stage in a car air conditioner is liquid freon that has been filtered, then turns into cold gas. This process is carried out through an expansion valve component, through which liquids that have high pressure will pass through a narrow channel.

In the expansion valve, freon will be converted again into mist or steam which has a low pressure. This low pressure steam keeps the temperature low.

Thus, not only turning the liquid into a gas, the expansion valve also cools the temperature.

4. Cold Gas Flows into the Evaporator

The cold gas or cold steam is then flowed into the evaporator. This last process, makes the cold gas into cool air. The presence of a screen or lattice on the evaporator is what makes the air cooler.

The insulation is what filters the remaining heat so that it decreases. Then what comes out is only cool air like when you blame the AC. This lengthy process is done quickly in a good car AC system.

A car air conditioner that is cared for properly and regularly will keep the cabin cool. Therefore, you must understand the stages of how this car AC system works.

So that when you experience problems or damage to the car air conditioner, you understand which part is the problem.

How the Double Blower Car AC System Works

The working system of a double blower car air conditioner is actually the same as a single blower car air conditioner. The difference is only in the number of blower fans in double blower AC.

In a double blower AC, there are two blower fans, two evaporators and two expansion valves.

So, the freon that enters the dryer, first enters through the by-pass channel that creates branches. The branch carries the cool vapor to the front blower, and one to the rear blower.

How a Digital Car Air Conditioning System or Climate Control Works

Digital car air conditioning systems or Climate Control are commonly found in modern and new cars. The Climate Control feature is useful for setting the temperature more precisely automatically.

More specifically, the function of climate control in a car air conditioner is to automatically adjust the work of the air conditioner starting from fan speed, ventilation direction, compressor work, heater, and others.

So the driver only needs to raise and lower the number of degrees Celsius on the AC screen.

In Climate Control too, the temperature in the car will be adjusted to the conditions on the trip. If it is hot and stifling, it will automatically be very cold, and when the weather is cool, the climate control will adjust the temperature in the cabin.

With this fully automatic capability, the car air conditioner has its own way of working. When the fan speed is on, the compressor work, ventilation direction, and heater work automatically.

For example, if you set the temperature at 20, the fan rotates at maximum speed, closes the vent and the compressor continues to work until the temperature reaches below 20 degrees Celsius.

If the set temperature is reached, then the air conditioner will lower the fan speed and turn off the compressor.

Freon Pressure in Car Air Conditioning System

The maximum limit of the freon pressure measured by the sensor. It depends on the driver in choosing the temperature range on the temperature selector in the cabin. So, if you set the cabin temperature to be the coldest.

Then the maximum limit for the high freon pressure. So that the compressor connected time is longer. It's different when you set the normal temperature between 24-30 degrees Celsius.

Then the maximum limit is set to be lower. So that the time the compressor is connected is short and the compressor will often make a sound like being lightly hit on the inside.

Causes of Problematic Car AC System

Like other car components, car air conditioners can also experience interference. The following are some of the factors that cause the AC system to malfunction.

1. Freon Runs Out

If your car's air conditioner is not cold anymore, then it's certain that the freon has run out. The cause of the freon running out quickly could be due to a leak in the car air conditioner.

Therefore, it must be handled as soon as possible before the damage gets worse and spreads to other car AC components.

2. Dirty Condenser

A dirty condenser will cause its function to dissipate heat from the high-pressure gas in the Freon in the condenser to be disturbed. Therefore, you must regularly pay attention to the cleanliness of the car AC condenser.

3. Fan Motor Off

Next is the weakening or even death of the cooling fan. The cooling fan functions to dissipate heat in the condenser. If the fan is weak or damaged, the air conditioner will emit hot steam.

You have to replace the fan in the car's AC component. Then if you buy a new fan, then pay attention not to mount it upside down. This can result in a fan that should be dissipating heat instead.

4. Compressor Wear

If the compressor wears out, the freon pressure will become abnormal and the car air conditioner will not cool down. In addition, another sign that the compressor is worn is the car air conditioner making a rough sound.

Another impact is the sight glass will look black. Then it can also block the dryer filter, including the expansion valve on the car air conditioner.

5.magnet Clutch Problem

Magnetic clutch is part of the car's AC component, but the electrical part. A faulty clutch magnet will cause the centerpiece to weaken, and not connect to the ac compressor pulley which rotates with the engine.

This will have an impact, on the compressor not working. So the car air conditioner is cold again.

6. Dirty Evaporator

Similar to the condenser, the evaporator will also cause problems with the car air conditioner if left dirty. A dirty evaporator makes the air flow into the car becomes blocked, so that the wind gusts will be small.

7. Excessive Freon Pressure

If there is excessive Freon pressure, it will make the car air conditioner not cold again. This is related to the weakening or cessation of the fan motor function.

So that the car air conditioner will overheat and make the high pressure switch section cut off the electric current to the magnetic clutch section.

Then, too much freon will also have an impact on the air conditioner. The cabin cooler will not cool down again. Therefore, it is better for you to check regularly at the car AC repair shop who understands your car AC better.

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