Get to Know Car Tie Rods, Functions, and Prices

Cars have a lot of components that work together to provide a better driving experience. One component that needs to be considered is the car tie rod.

The tie rod is the link between the wheel and the steering wheel. The existence of a tie rod has an important function to stabilize the steering wheel of the car.

What Are Car Tie Rods?

The tie rod is located between the steering gearbox and the wheel knuckle. These two components are directly related to the car's steering system.

There are two types of tie rods that are usually used in every car. These types consist of:

Long Tie Rod

Long tie rods are also known as rack ends. This component is connected directly to the steering wheel of the car and is installed at the end of the steering rack.

Tie Rod End

Tie rod end mounted in a different part, namely directly to the wheels of the car. Sometimes, tie rod ends are also referred to as outer tie rods.

Long tie rods and tie rod ends are connected to each other by spherical joints. Damage to one part will cause problems in driving.

Tie Rod Function on Car

Broadly speaking, the function of the tie rod in a car is related to the performance of the wheels and steering of the car. More specifically, the way a car tie rod works is as follows.

Supports Turning on Wheels and Car Steering

Because it is located between the wheel and the steering wheel, the tie rod acts as a center point or pivot. It is this point that allows the wheels and steering to be moved freely and smoothly.

In addition, the existence of a good tie rod also allows the wheels and steering wheel to rotate optimally. Damage to the tie rod will prevent the car from turning properly.

Dampens Vibration While Driving

Have you ever felt a vibration on the steering wheel of a car? This may occur due to the effect of a damaged car tie rod. Tie rods do have one of the benefits of dampening vibrations.

Vibrations in the car and steering are usually felt due to the movement of the car's wheels. The vibration can be a movement from top to bottom and right to left.

The long tie rod that is connected to the steering wheel will resist the up and down movement that is felt due to the rotation of the wheel. Meanwhile, the vibration that causes the car to move left and right will be restrained by the tie rod end.

Move the Front Wheel of the Car

Tie rods will basically connect the steering wheel with the wheels at the front. The front wheels have an important role in directing the movement of the car.

The front wheels can rotate automatically according to the direction of the steering wheel. This automatic movement is triggered by the presence of a tie rod. This is another function of the tie rod on the car.

Adjusting the Distance Between the Wheels

The existence of a tie rod will also help to adjust the distance between the front wheels. This ability comes from the two main functions of the tie rod. namely toe in and toe out.

Toe in and toe out is the ability of the tie rod to adjust the front wheel so that it can rotate stably and prevent uneven front wheel conditions.

Car Tie Rod Price

The newly purchased car must have been equipped with tie rod components. However, it is possible for the tie rod to be damaged.

To fix this, you will need to buy a new tie rod. Purchase of tie rods can be done directly at the workshop or independently through online shops.

The price of a car tie rod actually varies, depending on the type of car you have. Generally, tie rods can be obtained at the cheapest price of around Rp. 100 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand.

Causes of Broken Car Tie Rods

After being used for a long time, the tie rod has the potential to be damaged. There are several things that can cause the tie rod on a car to be damaged, namely:

1. Lack of Lubricant

The lubricant on the tie rod has a function to prevent the tie rod from becoming dry or worn. When the car is often used to drive on potholes, this lubricant can leak.

When the lubricant leaks, automatically the lubricant that is still on the tie rod will be reduced. This will cause the tie rod to loosen and make it unsafe to drive.

2. Long Tie Rod Bent

After prolonged use, the long tie rod which is connected to the steering wheel of the car may become damaged and bent. One reason is because the wheels are too big.

Car wheel enlargement may be caused by certain accidents or collisions that have been experienced. In addition, a strong impact can also make the long tie rod bent.

3. Often Drive on Uneven Roads

Roads that are potholes, rocky, and damaged can cause the car tie rod to be damaged. Because, the road is not smooth will make the car more easily shake.

Cars that keep rocking are prone to hitting potholes and rocks in the road. When the impact is strong enough, the tie rod can be damaged.

How to Repair a Car Tie Rod and the Cost

One of the main symptoms of a damaged car tie rod is difficulty moving the steering wheel. This can make the steering feel heavy or stuck.

When you feel these symptoms, you should immediately make repair efforts in the following ways.

Check the Condition of the tie Rod

After feeling the symptoms, try to find out first whether the tie rod is indeed damaged. How to check the tie rod on the car can be by jacking up the car first.

If the car has been lifted, point the car tires to the right and left. If you hear a scraping sound, then there is damage to the tie rod.

Removing the Broken tie Rod

After confirming that the tie rod is indeed damaged, it's time to remove the tie rod. The first way to remove the tie rod is by loosening the bolt on the car wheel and removing the wheel.

Then, loosen the lock nut on the tie rod and then unscrew the locking pin to release the tie rod from the knuckle mount. If so, then remove the tie rod from the knuckle by hitting the knuckle.

Install the New tie Rod

Before installing a new tie rod. make sure it fits the old tie rod. Then, insert the new tie rod end into the steering gear.

Insert a new tie rod and knuckle or steering gear. Close the tie rod pin lock to ensure the tie rod is securely attached.

The steps above are how to repair and adjust the car tie rod yourself. But, if you're not sure you can do it, you can take the car to a car tie rod service center.

The cost of repairing car tie rods starts from Rp. 1 million to Rp. 2 million. The cost will be determined by the severity and type of your car.

the Importance of Having Car Insurance

Repairing damage to the tie rod costs a lot of money. This is why it is important for you to have car insurance, so that maintenance costs do not feel burdensome.

Without insurance, the car repair process might be hampered due to cost constraints. Do not let this obstacle make the condition of the car worse and become dangerous to drive.

To find out which car insurance is right for you, you can take the following quiz.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Before driving, all car components should be checked regularly, including the car tie rod. Because, this part is related to the wheels that work for balance when you drive.

If the tie rod has a problem, immediately take it to the nearest repair shop for further handling so as not to endanger you and the passengers.

If you already have car insurance, you don't need to bother looking for a repair shop because you will be directed to a trusted partner repair shop.