3 Functions of Car Stabilizer, Also Know the Components and Types

Cars are often chosen as one of the most convenient means of transportation for road trips. Comfort is certainly not only from the interior of the car, but also the various components in it.

One of the important components of the car is the suspension system in which there is a stabilizer. This stabilizer makes the trip comfortable even though the road conditions are not smooth and winding.

Car Stabilizer Function

Unfortunately, not all cars have stabilizer components so you have to buy outside the official product. In fact, the use of a car stabilizer is not only for convenience, but also for several other things.

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So, what is the function of the stabilizer on the car that others need to know? Check it out below!

1. Stabilizer Function on the Car to Keep It Stable

Does your car still feel comfortable when passing through bumpy or damaged roads? If so, it means your car has a good stabilizer ! As the name suggests, the main function of the car stabilizer is to maintain optimal stability when the car is moving

The stability of the car from the stabilizer bar is also felt when the car is traveling at high speed and suddenly turns. In this condition, the centrifugal force is greater and usually causes the car to overturn if there is no stabilizer.

However, with a stabilizer. the car will be more stable and safe when the road is winding or at high speed. Even in rough or bumpy road conditions, passengers still feel comfortable.

2. Stabilizer Function in the Car to Increase Tire Grip

The function of the stabilizer in the next car is to increase and maintain the traction of the car tires properly. The stabilizer function on this car can be proven when the car is driving on a turning road.

When crossing a curvy road, the car will remain stable because of the strong grip of the tires. This of course not only makes the trip more comfortable but also safe.

From the driver's side, the car's stabilizer function makes the vehicle feel more stable and agile in every condition. The car stabilizer bar also makes it easier to control and predict the tires when driving around corners, even at high speeds.

3. Use of Car Stabilizer So as Not to Sway

When driving a car on a curvy road, sometimes we feel our bodies tend to be pulled towards the outside of the bend. That also happens to the vehicle when turning.

This is known as body roll or wobble, which is when there is more weight that tends to be pulled toward the outer tyre. As a result it will reduce control on the vehicle and less stable.

This phenomenon is often seen in large-bodied cars. That's why stabilizers play an important role in large cars, although they are also needed in small cars.

The function of the car stabilizer to reduce body roll or sway is very pronounced for the comfort and safety of passengers. With the stabilizer, the car will continue to run stable and straight even on a winding road though.

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Car Stabilizer Components

As the name implies, the function of this component in the car is easy to understand, namely to maintain stability. However, there are terms from the components of this suspension system that some people still don't understand, namely stabilizer links and stabilizer bars.

Car Stabilizer Link

In automotive terms, the word " link " means small size. In terms of size, the stabilizer link is smaller than the car stabilizer bar.

This stabilizer link is usually attached to the end of the stabilizer bar and attached to other suspension systems. The stabilizer link will be more visible when worn and when that happens it will make a sound on uneven road conditions.

Car Stabilizer Bar

Meanwhile, the word "bar" in the stabilizer bar has a large size meaning. Stabilizer bar in the form of a long metal under the car which is fastened using bushings and plates to prevent noise.

Stabilizer bars are more expensive than link stabilizers. Stabilizer bars usually need to be replaced when there is an incident that deforms or damages the stabilizer bar only.

Common signs when the stabilizer bar is damaged are the appearance of noise in the tire area, excessive swaying, squeaking, to uncontrolled steering or handling.

During the inspection, the stabilizer bar must be visually checked and listened to while driving. The stabilizer link should also be checked for damage or cracks.

Then, what about the car stabilizer link function ? Is it the same as the stabilizer bar ?

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Basically the stabilizer link function on the car and the stabilizer bar work simultaneously. These two components help reduce the swaying effect on the car when turning, maintain stability, and increase tire grip while driving.

Car Stabilizer Type

There are various types of car stabilizers. There are at least four types of car stabilizers that are generally found in cars in Indonesia, which are as follows:

1. Front Lower Bar and Rear Lower Bar

The first type of stabilizer bar is the front lower bar and the rear lower bar. The function of this car stabilizer is connecting the lower arm to control the wheels with the chassis.

The benefits of the rear stabilizer of the car from the rear lower bar are also to improve the performance and performance of the car while driving. In this way, the car will feel comfortable, both for the driver and passengers.

2. Strut Bars

The strut barhas an important role when the car is maneuvering, especially on road bends. The function of the strut bar is to increase rigidity and maintain pressure from both sides to keep the car stable.

The installation of the strut bar on the car also minimizes the occurrence of body roll when turning. Usually, the strut bars are located on the left and right sides of the strut tower which are the mounting points for shockbreakers.

3. Anti-Roll Bars

The next type of car stabilizer is an anti roll bar or also called a sway bar. The function of the sway bar on the car is to reduce oversteer or understeer when the car is maneuvering.

Oversteer is a condition when the rear tires lose traction while understeer is a loss of traction on the front tires.

Anti roll bar itself is a type of stabilizer that is widely chosen. In addition to its important function, the installation of anti-roll in the rear suspension of the car is also easy and fast.

4. underbraces

This type of underbrace stabilizer is usually installed in the front, middle, rear, and bottom of the car chassis. Its function is to reduce the flexibility of the car chassis so that it feels solid.

The benefits of the underbrace as a stabilizer also make the car feel stable and comfortable even though it can accommodate heavier loads.

Protect Your Car with Insurance

As explained, the stabilizer function is very important for driving comfort and safety. Especially when driving on winding, bumpy road conditions, or when maneuvering.

It is also important to check the condition of the stabilizer regularly for safety while driving. In addition, as car owners, we also need to anticipate all possibilities, one of which is by having car insurance that can cover the costs of small and large damages.

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