Caring for Power Windows and Central Lock to Prevent Damage

Power windows and central lock are not the main components of the car. However, these two components have important functions. Therefore, we should take care of the power windows and central lock before they are seriously damaged.

Power windows and central locks are lightweight components that have an important function in a car. These two components are also included in the free maintenance category. aka not included in periodic checks and repairs when servicing the car.

However, the more often the car is used, the greater the damage to these two components. To treat power windows. the problem that often arises is that the windshield looks slow when going up and down. While the central lock. a common problem is the damage to the motor to lock the door.

Indeed, the damage is not as big as the engine and the components in it. However, if the power window and central lock are damaged, of course the comfort and safety of our car is at stake. Especially for the central lock. if it is damaged, the car door cannot be locked. As a result, the car can be opened by anyone.

Well. to avoid unwanted things due to lack of caring for power windows and central locks. you should know the types of damage and how to handle them.

Stages of power Window and central Lock Maintenance:

Let's start with power window maintenance first!

  1. Check the door glass rail, especially the rubber part of the glass clamp. If the rubber hardens, you can fix it by applying a liquid silicone or rubber treatment. However, if the rubber is cracked, you have to replace it because it can no longer be repaired.
  2. Observe the conditions when the glass rises and falls. If the glass slows up as it rises, it's most likely a weak crankshaft electric motor. Meanwhile, if the glass slows down when descending, the cause is the gear mechanism and the inner glass rail are disturbed. You can ask the repair shop to make repairs.
  3. If you hear a noise when the glass is operated, it means that the gears and motor mechanism are not lubricated. You can provide the lubricant yourself or leave it to the repair shop for more optimal work.

Second Stage :

Well. if the problem with the power window is over, now we move to the central lock. There is only one problem with the central lock. which is not wanting to lock the door. Then, how to take care of it so that it is not easily damaged? Listen!

  1. Check the condition of the wire in the central lock system. If the condition is no longer good, it should be replaced with a new one.
  2. Avoid the door from a loud impact. So, when you open and close the door, make sure it closes properly and without slamming or hitting other objects.
  3. If the computer system is damaged, take it to an authorized repair shop for repair, as this cannot be done alone.

Even though they are not the main components of the car, the power windows and central lock must be cared for properly so they don't get damaged that can harm you. Don't forget to regularly check if there are minor problems that occur in these two components.