13 Meaning of the Blinking Car Indicator Light and How to Fix It

The blinking car indicator light certainly makes you confused to find the root of the problem. The indicator light serves as a marker of problems in some parts of the car. Therefore, when there is a trigger factor, the indicator light will automatically flash.

Most modern cars are equipped with advanced technology. This can be seen from the indicator lights on the dashboard that show this.

But there are times when the row of indicator lights flicker for a reason. When you experience this condition, do not immediately panic, examine again what is the cause of the constantly flashing lights.

the Meaning of the Blinking Car Indicator Light

Most production cars are now equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) to control the car's systems and functions. The ECU in the car acts as a sensor system in the car. When there is a problem with the car, an automatic signal sent to the ECU makes the indicator light turn on.

For some people, do not understand what the meaning or meaning of the blinking indicator light. The information that the car is trying to communicate to the driver through the blinking of the indicator light is a warning for safety while driving.

Then, what is the meaning of a flashing or lit indicator light? Here are some of them:

1. Door Indicator Light

When the door indicator light flashes, don't panic. The light on the indicator light on the function of the car indicates that there is a car door that has not been completely closed.

So that the indicator light does not stay on, make sure all doors are tightly closed. When all doors are closed properly, the indicator light automatically turns off.

2. Brake Indicator Light

The brake indicator light uses an exclamation mark icon in a circle. When this light icon is lit, it means that the car's handbrake is still active. The solution to turning off the brake indicator light is to remove the handbrake.

However, if the hand brake has been released but the indicator light is still on, it indicates that the brake fluid has run out. You should immediately refill the brake fluid on your favorite car.

3. Battery Indicator Light

Marked with a symbol or icon resembling a battery, if this indicator light is on continuously indicates there is a problem in the battery. Usually due to incorrect wiring or a damaged battery.

If your car is experiencing the battery indicator light keeps on, the solution is to repair or replace the component. When the problem is resolved, the indicator light will automatically turn off.

4. Fuel Indicator Light

This gasoline indicator light icon has a picture like a gas tank. The fuel indicator light that lights up indicates the status of the presence or absence of gasoline in the vehicle.

Usually this indicator lights up to one-eighth of the remaining gasoline occupancy. The solution so that the fuel indicator light does not stay on is to fill up with gas at the nearest gas station.

5. Seatbelt Indicator Light

The Avanza car indicator light blinks on the seat belt, indicating that the passenger has not used a seat belt. This indicator light icon uses an image of a person wearing a seatbelt.

In the latest cars, in addition to the blinking indicator light, it is accompanied by a sound as a marker. If you experience this, make sure you or the passenger is wearing a seat belt properly.

6. Oil Indicator Light

The indicator light is not just a complementary feature or a sweetener. But it is also useful for signaling a problem with a part or function of the car. One of the indicators on the car is the oil pressure indicator.

If the oil indicator light blinks, it indicates that the vehicle engine lacks oil. Therefore, you must fill or change the oil so that the car engine does not get damaged quickly and the engine performance remains optimal.

7. Airbag Indicator Light

Not all cars are equipped with an air bag indicator feature. Generally, this feature is found on vehicles that are already equipped with an airbag safety system.

When the indicator light with a large red circle icon on the lap of a person wearing a seat belt lights up, it indicates that there is damage to the airbag.

To fix this, you have to go to the nearest repair shop for repair. This indicator light illuminates to indicate a problem related to the safety and comfort of the driver.

8. Temperature Indicator Light

When the temperature indicator light flashes, it indicates the engine temperature is too hot. When the engine is too hot, the result is that the vehicle breaks down while driving.

The solution to this problem is to pull the vehicle over and contact the repair shop to fix it. But before that make sure you have turned off the AC, radio and other systems.

9. Abs Indicator Light

Another safety indicator feature is braking technology or ABS. The ABS system can prevent the wheels from locking during sudden braking.

This braking feature is equipped with an ABS indicator light that will light up when the system has a problem. The presence of an indicator on the braking feature makes it easier for you to check the brake system on the car.

10. Check Engine Indicator Light

The check engine indicator light serves as a warning sign of a problem in the engine. Most motorists will panic when they see the check engine indicator light blinking. Although as a sign of a problem in the engine, but not always related to engine problems.

Dirty filters, oxygen sensors, gas caps are not tight so other factors cause the check engine indicator light to stay on. The solution to dealing with the flashing light is to fix the cause.

11. Tire Pressure Indicator Light

When the tire pressure indicator is on, you should not ignore it. Because this is a sign of a car tire that lacks pressure. If not immediately filled with the right pressure can lead to several follow-up problems.

Such as fuel-intensive cars, permanent tire damage, and even accidents. Especially when the road conditions are wet.

12. Car AC Indicator Light Is Blinking

When the car ac indicator light blinks indicating the freon pressure is too low or too high, you should turn off the compressor to keep the compressor from being damaged.

But if it's still blinking when you turn it on, check the freon from the dryer glass, if it runs out you should immediately fill it with freon. This means that there is a leak in the AC system.

But if the freon is still there, it means the freon pressure is too high. You can work around this by flushing the condenser or it is safer to go directly to the repair shop to fix it.

13. Alarm Indicator Light

The indicator light is part of the security and safety system on the car. One of the existing features is an alarm.

When the car alarm indicator light blinks, it indicates the alarm is functioning and working properly. It is different if the alarm indicator is on or off which indicates a problem with the security system.

How to Fix a Blinking Car Indicator Light

After knowing the meaning of the blinking indicator light, the next thing you need to know is how to solve it. If you already know the cause of the blinking indicator light, it will be easier for you to solve the problem.

Here's how to fix the blinking indicator light:

  1. A gas tank that is not tightly closed could be the cause of the flashing indicator light. Therefore, make sure the gas tank is tightly closed and secure.
  2. A dirty air filter can also be the cause of the blinking indicator light. Make sure you change the air filter regularly.
  3. Service the car regularly so that you are aware of problems that may occur in the car. If the car is rarely serviced, minor damage to one component can spread to other parts.
  4. Dirty spark plugs can also be an indicator of the cause of the blinking light. Because periodically check the cleanliness of the spark plugs. Especially considering the function and role of spark plugs which are very important in vehicle engines.
  5. Another way to deal with a blinking indicator light is to regularly check the condition of the battery. Because, when the battery is soaked or there is a disturbance, it causes the indicator light to turn on.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! The indicator light that lights up is actually a natural thing to happen. It's just that when the indicator flashes, it indicates a problem with one part or function of the car.

For that it is important to know what are the causes and how to overcome them.

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That's the information about the meaning of the blinking car indicator light and how to fix it that Auto Insurance Agencies can convey. Hopefully this information is useful, yes!