5 Ways to Take Care of a Car That Makes Car Engines Last

Even though you are a person who doesn't understand machines and only accepts it when it's done routinely. you still need to know five simple ways to care for this car. Even if you are lazy, you can definitely do this.

The five ways to care for the car that we will discuss, won't be as complicated as changing the oil. However, some of the steps do require you to open the hood.

Is it tiring? For lazy people, it's possible. If you're lazy, you'll be lazy to open the hood for fear that your hands will become all items.

5 Tips on How to Care for a Car

Believe me, these five new car care methods should be understood and done even by lazy people. Because if you don't understand, it's better to just sell the car and take an online taxi every day.

If you want to know in more detail what the treatment is like, come on, you can read the full review below.

1. Change the Tire and Check the Pressure

Change Tires

The function of tires for a car is very important, and can determine driving safety. So it is obligatory for car owners to know how to disassemble tires.

If you can't just take the tire off, what if the tire suddenly bursts in the middle of the road? It's time to ask someone to install a spare tire.

In the process of removing tires, you also have to understand how to use a jack. For those of you who can't, that's okay, there's still time to learn it. It's not difficult either.

Check Air Pressure

In addition to disassembling tires, you also have to know the tire pressure. Be sure to find out your car's standard tire pressure in the manual.

After that, try to kick your car tires with your feet. If the sound produced is loud and the reflection is strong, it can be said that your tire pressure is too high. But if it's the other way around, it's clear that your tires don't have enough air.

So, don't forget to check the pressure. Especially if you are back and forth. touring, or traveling hundreds of kilometers.

2. Check Engine Oil

Changing engine oil is routinely done when your car has covered a distance of 5 thousand KM. But sometimes, there are times when the oil change time is delayed due to the busy schedule.

As a car owner, it is mandatory for you to be able to check your own engine oil. Actually, it's really easy to check the oil, you just need to start the engine. If the oil indicator on the dashboard is dead, then your oil is still in good condition.

But to be more accurate, then you have to do the following. Here's the steps.

  1. Turn off the car engine and wait for about 10 minutes
  2. Open the hood and pull the oil stick (over the engine lump)
  3. Clean the tip of the stick with a cloth
  4. Put the stick back in and pull it out again
  5. Look at the oil stick, you can read your oil level through this stick, low, normal, or too much.
  6. If it is in part L or 1, then your oil condition is reduced. In position two, it means normal, and if it is above 3 or F, it means fullness.

3. Caring for the Battery

There are two types of car batteries, namely wet battery type andmaintenance free type, aka dry battery. The function of the car battery is very vital, which is related to the electrical system. The treatment for these two batteries is not the same. Here's more details.

Wet Battery

Many mechanics say that wet batteries are more durable, but in terms of maintenance, they have to be a little bothered. You need to replenish the electrolyte fluid if it is reduced regularly.

Dry Battery

This one doesn't need to be filled with electrolyte water, but its lifespan is usually a maximum of only a year. The point is, don't leave your car unheated for days. Warm up regularly. And if the sound of the starter starts to weaken, take it to a repair shop to have it checked.

4. Add Wiper Water Supply, the Simplest Way to Care for a Car

The main function of this water is to clean the glass surface. You can fill it with plain water or additional washer fluid.

If it's never filled, it's clear that the supply will run out. Of course it's very annoying when it's drizzling.

5. How to Take Care of the Car, Wash the Car Regularly

I don't know how to rinse and wash the car properly, yes, hello every week, you have to pay Rp. 30 thousand to the steam washing workshop. It is mandatory to wash the car once a week even in the rainy season. It can't be too frequent, it can't be too rare.

Washing the car is mandatory as one of the black car care that must be done. If the car body is often moist, it will be easy for the car to be exposed to mold which will damage the black paint.

Meanwhile, if you don't wash it often, it's easy to get stains on your black car. The stains can also cause some components to rust.

Use car shampoo to wash your car, and other car care products to enhance the appearance of your favorite vehicle.

Have you been able to do these five things yourself? Or not yet? It's okay if you can't. There are still opportunities to learn.

Anyway, don't forget these five ways, and look for car care products that suit your favorite vehicle.

a Complete Guide to Car Care by Brand

In addition to these five tips, this article will also discuss a complete guide to car care for several brands.

Bmw Car Maintenance

Several sources agree that BMW car maintenance is cheap and not expensive. However, there are three things that BMW car owners should pay attention to, namely:

  1. Follow the routine service guidelines in the car manual. Also do regular oil changes according to the instructions in the manual.
  2. Always use fuel with a high octane rating. This can make BMW car engines much cleaner and more durable.
  3. If you accelerate aggressively, try not to turn off the engine immediately when you arrive at your destination. So that the piston ring is not easily worn.

Xenia and Avanza Car Maintenance

Since Xenia and Avanza are two “twin” cars, it is not surprising that the maintenance tips are also similar. Here are some Avanza and Xenia car care tips:

1. Regularly Change Gear Oil and Axle Oil

Replace two types of oil regularly, gear oil and axle oil, every 6 months to 12 months.

Oil change is done every 6 months if the car often travels long distances. If the car is rarely used, replace these two types of oil every 12 months.

2. Routinely Check Tie Root, Wheel Bearing and Ball Joint

Check the tie root, ball joint and neck of the wheel regularly. Because if these three components experience problems, it can cause annoying sounds. If these three components experience problems, immediately take the car to a repair shop so that it can be repaired.

3. Routine Service

Perform routine service for your Avanza and Xenia cars, every 1000 km to 20,000 km. Take the car to an authorized Daihatsu or Toyota authorized repair shop, or it can be to the nearest car repair shop.

4. Maintain Cabin Interior

Also perform maintenance for the interior of the Xenia and Avanza cabins. You can use a layer of leather upholstery for your favorite Xenia and Avanza. Also clean the Avanza and Xenia dashboards regularly, using car care products specifically for dashboards.

If you are lazy to do it yourself, you can take your favorite car to a car salon to get a thorough cabin maintenance.

Ayla's Car Care

There are several things that Ayla car owners must pay attention to to care for their vehicles, namely:

  1. Perform regular engine oil changes
  2. Buy fuel from authorized gas stations, not from retail fuel sales
  3. Routinely wash and polish the car, to take care of Ayla's car paint
  4. Use radiator coolant or clean water to fill the radiator

Manual Mobilio Care

Similar to other cars, here are some things that should be considered in terms of manual mobilio maintenance, namely:

  1. Change the oil regularly, after the odometer hits 3000-5000 km.
  2. Always check the radiator fluid
  3. Clean the carburetor filter. Do it using a soft brush, or take it to an authorized repair shop.

How to Care for a Hijet 1000 Car

Because they are generally more than 10 years old, the Hijet 1000 car care method is similar to the old car maintenance method or the 200,000 km car maintenance method. Here are some important things that are included in how to care for the Hijet 1000 car:

  • Check the air pressure on all four tires
  • Check the car's electrical system
  • Routinely check engine oil, axle oil and gear oil
  • Check if the brakes are functioning normally, by driving the car briefly
  • Also make sure the gas pedal, clutch pedal, brake pedal, foot or spring, are functioning normally
  • Don't forget to check the carburetor and air filter too
  • It's better to wash the car every day, especially if it looks dirty

How to Care for a Timor Car

There are 8 things that should be done as a step to take care of your favorite Timor car, namely:

  1. Turn down the audio volume and turn off the audio system, before turning off the vehicle engine. It is intended that the audio system will not store electric current.
  2. Straighten car tires when parked. The goal, so that the engine speed does not rise when the car is turned on again. Because the power steering is not straight.
  3. Turn off the AC, before the car engine is turned off
  4. Don't let the engine speed get too high while driving
  5. Use engine oil that is indeed formulated with a high additive content and in accordance with Timor specifications
  6. Check the air pressure in the car tires regularly. The size of the pressure for the front tires, between 28-30 psi and for the rear tires around 29-32 Psi.
  7. Try to do engine tune ups and oil changes, at least every 15,000 km or every 4 months
  8. Also check the condition of the brake fluid and power steering fluid regularly

How to Care for a Panther Car

To perform Panther car maintenance, you indirectly also perform general diesel car maintenance. The following are things that must be applied in the maintenance of a Panther diesel car:

  1. Warm up the engine every day. Just turning on for 5 minutes is enough
  2. When driving, avoid turning off the diesel engine immediately when you arrive at your destination. It's best to let the engine run for 5 minutes before turning it off
  3. Try never to run out of fuel. Because the engine will experience a cold and can not be started.
  4. Use quality and appropriate oil. Perform an oil change at least after a distance of 5000 km. Then change the engine oil regularly.
  5. In addition to oil, change the fuel filter regularly

Automatic Vs Manual Car Maintenance

Many people think that manual car maintenance costs are much cheaper than automatic car maintenance costs. Yes, that assumption is true.

There are several things that cause automatic car maintenance to spend more rupiah than manual car maintenance, namely:

  1. The gearbox on an automatic transmission car has a more complicated system than a manual car. This makes automatic gearboxes have more components than manual gearboxes.
  2. The complexity of the automatic gearbox makes the cost of service and maintenance more expensive than the cost of maintaining a manual car.
  3. Automatic car gearboxes require more oil than manual gearboxes.

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There are five basic things that must be considered when caring for a car, namely changing tires and checking the pressure, checking engine oil, maintaining car batteries, refilling wiper water supplies, and washing cars.

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