Car Spark Plug Functions and How They Work That Must Be Understood

The function of car spark plugs cannot be taken lightly. Although small in size compared to other components, car spark plugs play a very important role in starting the car. Broadly speaking, the function of the spark plug is to start the car engine by encouraging combustion..

For owners of motorized vehicles, both cars and motorbikes, the presence of spark plugs is very vital for the engine. If the spark plug has a problem, it can be ascertained that the car or motorcycle cannot be started. Then what are the functions of spark plugs in cars and how do they work? Here's the review.

the Function of the Spark Plug on the Car

1. Gasoline Burner

The use of a car spark plug installed is to burn gasoline that has been compressed by the piston. The results of the combustion will produce power that can start the car engine.

Therefore, a problematic spark plug causes the combustion in the engine to be not optimal and then results in a halting car speed.

2. Battery Backup

Car spark plugs are also useful as a battery backup. If the battery in the car is worn out and cannot be relied on to generate electricity, then spark plugs can be a helper.

Why is that? Because in the center of the spark plug there is an electrode connected by a cable to the ignition coil, so electricity is created.

However, because of its reserve nature, you cannot use the spark plug continuously to produce the same energy that the battery produces. The life of the spark plug will also be shorter. Therefore, only use the spark plug as a backup, not the main one.

3. Generate Electricity

As already mentioned, spark plugs can be used as a battery backup. This means that spark plugs have been tested to produce electricity. A good spark plug will spark when it is brought near the metal when the engine is started. The spark appears because of the temperature that occurs in the formation of electricity.

In car engines, spark plugs are one of the spare parts or parts that have a very vital function. Electric spark plugs will be optimal if used as well as possible. The reason is, without the presence of electricity, it is impossible for the car engine to turn on.

4. Starting the Car Engine

With the various functions mentioned above, it is clear that the main function of car spark plugs is to start the car engine.

A powerful car indicates a good spark plug too. Therefore, it is routine to check the spark plugs. Clean the spark plugs, replace if you have to, don't let the damage last too long because it will affect the car's performance.

Good spark plugs will produce a smooth car engine, not noisy, and not stuttering.

5. Keep the Car Engine Always Stable

Good spark plugs will keep the performance and function of the car engine more stable. Spark plugs should be replaced if found a lot of dirt crust on the ends.

Bad spark plugs will affect the combustion activity in the engine and end up stuttering the car engine. Even cars can break down. This condition is certainly very detrimental, right? Therefore, always check and maintain car spark plugs along with other parts.

How Car Spark Plugs Work

The way a car spark plug works in general is to produce combustion and an electric voltage. The spark plug is connected to the mains voltage generated by the ignition coil. When electrons flow from the coil through the spark plug head, a voltage difference is created between the side and middle electrodes.

However, in this condition there is no current flowing because of the gas mixture of fuel and air in the gap which functions as an insulator. But as the stress increases, the structure of the gas will change.

The voltage that rises to change the structure of the gas will make the gas ionized and turn into a conductor and then allow electrons to pass through the gap. The temperature will increase to 60,000 degrees Celsius.

The intense heat causes the ionized gas to expand rapidly, creating a spark that starts the entire combustion process in the engine.

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Types of Car Spark Plugs

Car spark plugs have an important role in generating a spark at the electrodes in the engine combustion chamber. Its purpose is to mix and burn the air and burn.

A faulty spark plug will not produce a spark, so the car won't start or will break down. Therefore, you must really know the type of spark plug that suits the character of your car. Because, different types of spark plugs will have different effects on the car.

Here are the types of spark plugs on the market.

1. Standard Car Spark Plug

This type of spark plug is usually used for standard everyday car use and is most recommended by several car manufacturers in Indonesia.

The advantages of this type of spark plug are long service life and produce a stable car stationary. Standard spark plugs work optimally for low and medium engine speed.

2. Platinum Car Spark Plug

These spark plugs are often referred to as semi racing spark plugs. The tip of this spark plug electrode is sharper than a standard spark plug.

Platinum spark plugs are not too different from standard spark plugs, but these spark plugs are able to provide more responsive power at low engine speeds. Unfortunately, the service life is shorter than standard spark plugs.

3. Iridium Car Spark Plug

Iridium spark plugs are included in the type of racing spark plugs and are cold type spark plugs. The advantage of this type of spark plug is that it is able to produce aggressive and high engine power at medium and high rpm so that it is easier to reach top speed.

This spark plug is not suitable for daily use because it will make the car stationary becomes unstable. When iridium spark plugs are used in cars with standard engines and low compression, their service life is very short.

the Difference Between Car Spark Plugs and Motorcycle Spark Plugs

The main difference between car and motorcycle spark plugs is their lifetime which also affects the maximum performance of the engine. For example, if a car spark plug can be used for a distance of 60 thousand kilometers, then when it is installed on a motorcycle, its service life is reduced by half.

This is related to the difference in engine speed. Motorcycle spark plugs are designed to be able to work with an engine speed of more than 10 thousand rpm. While the engine speed in cars is generally less than 6,000 rpm. However, the length and diameter of car and motorcycle spark plugs are the same.

Signs of a Problematic Car Spark Plug

After knowing the function and how the spark plugs work, you must also know the signs of a problematic spark plug. Do not let problematic spark plugs are left long enough to affect other car components.

One of the most visible characteristics when a spark plug has a problem is the spark or spark that is produced is not perfect and does not produce optimal combustion.

The average lifespan of spark plugs is about 45,000 km. It can also be shorter depending on the type of spark plug used. To prevent the car from breaking down due to damaged spark plugs, pay attention to the following signs of a car spark plug problem.

1. When the Car Is Idle

  • Feels excessive vibration in the cabin.
  • The engine rotation feels unusual and less smooth.
  • The gas feels heavier than usual.

2. When the Car Is Running

  • Car acceleration is a bit slow
  • The car feels stuck and sometimes the engine spikes
  • Insulator turns brownish yellow or wet green
  • Fuel consumption will be more wasteful than usual
  • There is a yellow coating on the spark plug

3. When the Car Dies

  • There is a change in the color of the spark plug
  • Brown means the spark plug is worn
  • Yellow or red is a sign of excessive heating of the car

Car Spark Plug Prices and Repair Costs

The price of spark plugs depends on the type of spark plug used for your car's needs. The price of standard spark plugs generally ranges from Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 20 thousand.

If you want better acceleration, you can use platinum or semi racing spark plugs with a price range of IDR 20,000 to IDR 50,000. But remember, the life of these spark plugs is shorter than standard spark plugs.

If you want to achieve maximum performance, you can use the iridium bus. The price of this type of spark plug is in the range of Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 150 thousand. Don't forget to pay attention to the specifications of your car engine whether it is suitable and can produce maximum performance with this type of spark plug.

Tips for Choosing a Good Car Spark Plug

In order to maximize the use of spark plugs, it's a good idea to pay attention to the following important tips in choosing spark plugs:

1. Spark Plug Size

Make sure the size, diameter, insulator length, and thread length are in accordance with the specifications of the car engine and intended use.

Do not use spark plugs with specifications that do not match the engine because it will cause serious problems in the engine ranging from overheating to piston damage.

2. Spark Plug Heat Number

Each type of spark plug has a spark plug heat number. Therefore, adjust the spark plug heat to the specifications of the car.

Spark plugs that are too cold will result in carbon deposits ( carbon fouling ) on ​​the spark plugs. On the other hand, if the spark plug is too hot, it will overheat.

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Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies! Car spark plugs have a fairly important function, namely in turning on other components in your car. So, don't forget to do regular checks on your car's spark plugs, OK?

If it is damaged, you should immediately repair or replace it. The cost of replacing car spark plugs is quite affordable, really. So, don't burden your finances too much.