15 Causes of Car Ac Not Cold and How to Overcome It

You must be annoyed if you find the car air conditioner is not cold enough, especially when you are returning home or going on a long trip. The condition of the car air conditioner that suddenly does not cool is indeed worth paying attention to so that the comfort while driving the car is not disturbed. The reason is, the car air conditioner is one of the most important parts that makes the driver and passengers feel at home in the car. It's important to know the cause of the car air conditioner not cold and how to fix it so you can fix it right away,

Car air conditioner does not cool when the weather is hot, stuck, or does not come out of the wind can happen to all types and brands of cars so it is common. One of the indications that the air conditioner is starting to have problems is when the wind comes out, but it's not cold. Actually, why is the car air conditioner not cold? Then, what are the causes of the car air conditioner sometimes cold, sometimes not or hot, or even the car air conditioner is not cold even though it is filled with freon? Here are the reasons why the car air conditioner is not cold, only the wind comes out and so on, which automotive tips has summarized for you to know.

1. Refrigerant or Freon Runs Out or Less

What causes the car air conditioner to not cool or not cool enough? The cause of the car air conditioner is not cold, the first is the reduction or exhaustion of freon which is the cooling medium for the car air conditioner. If the freon is reduced or depleted, it will certainly be the cause of the car's air conditioner not being cold during the day or even all day and so on. Of course freon will not run out if there is no cause. As for what causes the freon to run out, there is a leak in the AC system such as the condenser, o-ring seal connection, evaporator, or other AC components.

It's a good idea to look for the point of leakage or problems that occur in the AC before adding freon. The problem of the car air conditioner is not cold, only the wind should not be allowed to drag on because it can affect other AC components damage. It's a good idea to come directly to a car AC specialist repair shop. Also pay attention to how to fill the car's AC freon correctly so that it gets the coldest performance and doesn't add to other damage problems.

2. Fan Belt or Drive Belt Break

What causes hot car air conditioners only blowing air? Car drivers often experience a broken or dislodged fan belt. which connects the engine speed to the car's AC compressor. The compressor will not rotate and make the condenser not work properly if the fan belt is broken or dislodged. As a result, the car air conditioner is not cold and only blows air. The solution, you can replace the fan belt using a quality fan belt that is durable and heat-resistant. So you already know the reason why the car air conditioner is not cold, only the wind comes out?

3. Dirty Condenser

The next cause of the car's AC not being cold enough is the condition of the dirty condenser. Though the condenser serves to dissipate the heat released by the compressor. This is of course the cause of the car air conditioner not cold during the day or when the weather is hot when there is dirt on the part of the condenser. The condenser is dirty because it is not cleaned regularly, causing accumulation of dirt or rust.

The damage will be worse if there is too much dirt. For example, the process of dissipating the heat produced by the compressor is not perfect, which causes the car air conditioner to not cool. So the cause of the car air conditioner is not cold and how to overcome it by diligently cleaning the AC components that are embedded in the car.

4. Motor on Extra Fan Off

What are the other causes of the car air conditioner suddenly heating up? Have you checked the condenser on your car is not damaged? Maybe the cause of the car's AC not being cold is because the extra fan motor is dead. You can check whether the extra fan is rotating or not. The reason is that the extra fan that does not rotate or is damaged affects the condensation process which does not run optimally.

In fact, the condensation process is a very important process to help reduce the temperature inside the condenser. That is, if the extra fan is off, there will be no decrease in temperature in the car automatically. That's the reason why the car cabin has a hot temperature.

In what cooling AC system causes the air to not feel cold? One of them is the motor on the extra fan which actually makes the car overheat.

5. Magnetic Clutch Damaged

Magnetic valve or magnetic clutch is part of the car AC compressor in charge of connecting the engine rotation with the compressor through the drive belt. The car air conditioner may not work if the magnetic clutch on the compressor is damaged. One of the causes of damage to the magnetic clutch is the improper operation of the AC, such as turning on the temperature too low so that the magnetic clutch is often disconnected.

Try setting the AC temperature in the coldest position when the car is traveling at high speed and for a long time. The goal is to make the magnetic clutch more durable, including other AC components. In addition, you should use original components so that they do not continue to experience the same damage. The reason is, using KW components will only make the damage worse and make you spend more. So you already know the cause of the car air conditioner not cold and how to overcome this?

6. Compressor Wear

Saat kompresor yang merupakan salah satu bagian dari sistem AC mobil mengalami aus atau kerusakan, biasanya akan terlihat sight glass berwarna hitam. Hitamnya sight glass menandakan bahwa receiver dryer atau expansion valve terhambat karena adanya kotoran. Kamu bisa segera bawa mobil ke bengkel AC terdekat dan lakukan pengecekan lebih lanjut bila merasakan AC mobil kurang dingin disertai munculnya sight glass berwarna hitam. Bila terpaksa, kamu bisa mengganti kompresor dari AC mobil.

7. Oil Kompresor Berlebih

Dalam sistem AC mobil terdapat refrigerant atau freon yang berfungsi sebagai media yang menyerap panas dari ruang sekitar dan membuat ruang kabin menjadi lebih dingin. Freon akan bersirkulasi terus menerus karena dipompa oleh kompresor AC mobil. Terdapat juga fluida yang ikut mengalir yakni oli kompresor AC mobil, selain freon yang bersirkulasi.

Oli kompresor AC memiliki fungsi sebagai pelumas piston yang berada di dalam kompresor AC. Setiap mobil punya jumlah takaran yang berbeda-beda, jadi jangan terlalu berlebihan dan jangan juga kurang. Bila oli kompresor AC terlalu berlebihan akan berefek ke sistem pendingin, menyebabkan tabung dryer mampet. Imbasnya, freon AC sudah tidak bisa lagi bersirkulasi dengan baik sehingga AC mobil menjadi kurang dingin. Untuk takaran, jumlah oli kompresor Auto Ertiga atau Toyota Avanza berkisar antara 200-250 ml. Jadi sudah tahu kan penyebab AC mobil tidak dingin hanya keluar angin ini?

8. Evaporator Ac Mobil Kotor Atau Tersumbat

Debu menjadi salah satu penyebab dari tersumbatnya bagian pada evaporator AC mobil. Bila debu sudah mulai menyumbat, tentu akan membuat aliran udara dari blower jadi terhambat. Hal ini akan membuat sirkulasi AC juga akan terganggu apabila aliran udara yang keluar dari blower terhambat. Inilah yang menjadi penyebab AC mobil gak dingin lainnya.

Biasanya kotoran atau debu bisa masuk ke evaporator karena adanya hisapan blower yang terhubung ke evaporator. Tak hanya itu, filter dari AC yang jarang dibersihkan juga bisa mengganggu kinerja evaporator. Kotoran yang menempel pada filter bisa menghambat aliran udara dingin. Penyebab AC mobil tidak dingin dan cara mengatasinya dengan membersihkan evaporator maupun filter AC secara rutin selama 3-4 bulan sekali.

9. Tekanan Berlebih Pada Sistem Ac Mobil

The next cause of the car's AC not cooling down is excessive pressure on the car's AC system due to the compressor oil filling that exceeds the limit. Excessive compressor oil capacity can make the pressure on the freon even increase. This can cause the compressor to overheat.

Of course it will have an impact on the condensation process will be hampered. Disruption of the performance of the compressor and condenser will make the car air conditioner not cold. If that's the case, the car's air conditioner can be less cold during the day, even really not cold all day.

10. Ac Filter Clogged

The way to check the car air conditioner is not cold is to re-examine the condition of the filter on the air conditioner. What is the function of the car air conditioner filter dryer? The dryer filter serves as a temporary reservoir for freon that has become liquid by the condenser which also acts as a filter and steam dryer in the car's air conditioning system.

Dryer filter is a freon filter tool that has become liquid and has several components in it such as filter, desiccant. sight glass. and fusible plug. The dryer filter, which is located between the expansion valve and the condenser, is classified as a vital component of a car air conditioner.

If there is a problem with the dryer filter. of course it will have an impact on the car air conditioner, such as a blockage that can occur or a problem around the dryer filter area. As a result, more freon flows into the dryer filter area than oil so that the freon supply becomes excessive and this can cause freezing in the expansion area. Furthermore, the wind that comes out produces a reaction such as smoke or fog.

In addition, another problem with the dryer filter is that the dryer filter is clogged, although the reason could also be due to dirt. This problem can cause a car air conditioner that is not cold. Already know the cause of the car air conditioner suddenly not cold?

11. Condensed Water Drain or Clogged Drain Hose

You have to know that the car AC drain is inhabited by a lot of dirt so it is prone to clogging. Condensed water will collect when the drain is clogged. If allowed to drag on, be prepared for a leak at some point because the water will continue to find a way out. Another result, the air conditioner is not cold or just a gust of wind. You can check all parts of the AC system, starting from the condition of the freon, system leaks, weak or damaged compressor, if you experience this damage.

12. Troubled Thermistor or Thermostat

The cause of the car air conditioner is not cold and how to fix it by checking the car air conditioner thermostat regularly. Especially if the condition of the cabin is not cold when you turn on the air conditioner, so you should be wary.

The problem of damage to the thermostat is the cause of the car's automatic air conditioning system not working and not being able to know what the temperature is around us. In other words, the thermostat can't give a signal that the car cabin is cold even though it's actually not cold or still hot. As a result, the car air conditioner does not know when to turn on the car air conditioning system automatically and when to turn it off.

Damage to this thermostat can occur due to age, quality of the thermostat, getting wet, or a broken sensor. If the thermostat does not function optimally, it should be replaced immediately so that the cause of the car air conditioner is not cold when the RPM is low.

13. There Is a Problem with the Car Ac Sensor

If previously the problem occurred in the thermostat, another possibility that caused the automatic car air conditioner to not work was the presence of a damaged car air conditioner so that it was unable to receive data from the thermostat.

Problems with this car AC sensor can occur due to shorted, broken, or improperly installed cables. You can repair car electrical problems as a solution.

14. Unstable Car Electricity

The electricity in the car air conditioner that goes up and down drastically and unstable is also a contributor to the cause of a car air conditioner that is not cold. The reason is, this instability results in a shorted cable so that the AC is unable to work normally. However, you can still anticipate it by using a tool to stabilize the car's electricity.

15. Open Circuit or Broken Wires

The cause of the car air conditioner is not blowing air so it is not cold. Another possible cause is a broken cable or an open circuit that leads to the AC blower. For this one problem you need to check the current that enters and flows through each blower. The reason is, if there is no current, you need to check the cable connection again using a multimeter. Then, if there is no connection at all, you need to do a car AC service for cable replacement.

Know Tips and Ways to Maintain and Repair the Ac So That It Keeps Cold

After knowing the cause of the car air conditioner not cold, only the wind comes out, you also have to know how to deal with the car air conditioner so that it gets cold again. So, what should we do when the air conditioner is not cold? Curious? Here are various ways to overcome the problem of AC not cold that you can try so that your vehicle remains durable. The following methods apply to all car cases, from problems with the Brio, Avanza, Xenia car air conditioners, to other car air conditioners that are not cold.

1. Keep Cabin Clean

First, you can keep the inside of the car clean as a way to keep the car air conditioner cool. Clean the cabin from dirt and dust, especially when the car is used up for driving or when it is used to carry many passengers. One part that is prone to getting dirty is the front carpet. Of course, the part must get special attention so as not to trigger problems with the car air conditioner. By diligently keeping the cabin clean, you can make the car air conditioner cooler and more well-maintained. What's more, this can also be a way to deal with a smelly car air conditioner.

2. Close Windows While Driving

The next simple way to care for a car air conditioner is not to drive a car with the window open when turning on the cooling system in the car. This can cause dust or dirt from outside to enter the car. This dirt or dust will enter and contaminate the air conditioner, making the engine performance to cool the car room less than optimal and can cause unpleasant odors.

3. Don't Smoke in the Car

It turns out that the habit of smoking in the car when the AC is on also has an impact on the longevity of the AC. Cigarette smoke that enters the air conditioner can make the nicotine content contaminate the evaporator and make it slimy. As a result, the air conditioner emits an unpleasant odor.

4. Avoid Turning on the Ac Directly

Maybe this is not widely known, especially by novice drivers. Not turning on the air conditioner when the car is turned on is also the lightest way to care for the car air conditioner and is rarely realized. Make sure the AC is off and only turned on when the car's engine performance is stable enough.

5. Clean the Condenser When Washing the Car

How to deal with the car air conditioner not cold and make the air conditioner cold again? One way you can try is to clean the condenser components. Because the problem with the AC often occurs because the condenser is damaged or dirty. You can clean the dust and dirt that sticks to the condenser until it is completely clean because the dirt that is left behind and attached for a long time can cause leakage and corrosion of the condenser. Interested in trying how to fix this not cold car air conditioner?

6. Choose a Cool Parking Place

Who would have thought that choosing a cool parking space also includes how to treat a car air conditioner to keep it cool and durable. The goal is to keep the cabin from getting hot so the air conditioner doesn't work too hard when it's turned on.

7. Install the Cabin Filter

The next way to fix a car air conditioner is not cold by installing a cabin filter that has a function as a filter for dust and dirt that enters the car. So it is not sucked in by the AC and contaminates the evaporator. Cabin filters should also be checked regularly when the car is serviced. You can ask the mechanic to spray this part to clean it or you can also replace it with a new one if it is no longer suitable for use.

8. Check Condenser Fan

You can check the rotation of the condenser fan regularly if the car air conditioner system used is equipped with an extra fan or condenser fan. Check the fan in front of the condenser, whether the fan is always on when the AC is turned on. If the car's AC fan turns off or doesn't spin, you can immediately take your car to the nearest car AC repair shop to get a check up to the best repair as soon as possible.

The reason is, a problematic condenser fan can also damage the compressor or even cause the compressor hose to explode. So you already know what to do when the air conditioner is not cold?

9. Open the Glass Before Turning on the Air Conditioner

When you get into the car, the temperature inside the car will likely be hotter than the temperature outside because of the trapped air in the cabin. So don't go straight into the car and stay in it and turn on the air conditioner because it will make the air hotter.

The thing that should be done is to open all the glass or car windows and then turn the blower to the highest level so that the air conditioner can work optimally. It would be better if the car has a sunroof so that air circulation can flow faster and speed up the cabin cooling process.

10. During a Long Trip, Turn Off the Engine and Air Conditioner for a While

How to deal with the last cold car air conditioner, by turning off the engine and air conditioner for a while on a long trip. The goal is that the air conditioner does not continue to turn on especially if it is more than 4 hours. Instead, you can open the car window so that the air in the car can circulate properly. This is also useful for resting the air conditioner that has been working too hard along the way. So the AC will cool faster when turned on again.

How do you know what causes the car air conditioner to not cool and how to fix it? Just for the record, the cost of repairing a car air conditioner that is not cold ranges from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 1.5 million, depending on the level of difficulty. Then, how much does the car AC freon cost? The price is around Rp. 150 thousand for one blower, and Rp. 250 thousand for a car that has two blowers including the addition of compressor oil. It's a good idea to apply how to treat car air conditioners above so that the air conditioner is more durable and reduces your expenses for service costs. Of course you have to do regular checks so that the car remains durable and remains in top condition. Do you want to cover the cost of servicing your car's air conditioner? Have the best car insurance that will cover all car repair costs when you do insurance claim.