Characteristics of Weak Car Coils and the Consequences If Not Overcome

A car consists of various components that have their respective functions. One of the most important components in a car is the coil.

The function of the coil in a car is very important. Therefore, if this component experiences problems or is damaged, it will affect the car's performance.

Therefore, it is important for you to know what are the characteristics of your car's coil that is weak or damaged. You can check in full below, along with the correct way to fix it!

Coil Function

The main function of the coil in the engine is to create a high-voltage electric current, between 20,000 and 30,000 volts. This voltage is then converted by the spark plug into a spark in the combustion chamber.

This spark then ignites the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, to burn and generate power for the engine.

Consequences If the Car Coil Is Weak

Because the coil is directly related to the combustion system, damage or problems with the car coil will have an impact on the engine combustion system.

Weak car coils can cause a variety of problems, from cranky engines, reduced engine calm, to engine failure.

Therefore, it is important for you to know the characteristics of the weak car coil on your car, so that your car avoids these problems.

the Characteristics of the Weak Car Coil

After knowing the function of the coil and the consequences if the car coil has a problem, now we will discuss the characteristics of a weak coil on a car. You can check more details below.

Sparks Produced by Small Spark Plugs

The first characteristic of a weak car coil is the spark produced by a small spark plug. If the coil is in normal condition, the spark produced by the spark plug is blue and looks big.

If there is a problem with the coil, the flame produced by the spark plug is golden red, looks weak and small. Even if the spark plug has been replaced with a new one, if it still produces a small flame, it means your coil has a problem.

the Coil Gets Very Hot

Basically the coil is made with a material that can withstand heat. If the coil becomes hot when touched, this could be because there is a part of the coil that is starting to weaken.

Usually this happens because the coil is old. If the coil has this problem, the applied voltage will not be perfect and interfere with the performance of the coil itself.

Seen a Spark on the Coil

Sparks that appear on the coil body are usually caused by the layer of wire on the coil has been peeled off. This peeling layer of wire causes the heat to increase, causing a spark.

If you see sparks on the coil when starting the car engine, it can be ascertained that your car coil is weak or damaged.

the Engine Is Hard to Start

The car engine is difficult to start because the car coil experiences a high temperature increase.

This indicates that the coil is damaged, and the flow of electricity that is delivered is blocked, so that it is unable to produce a spark at the spark plug.

It Takes a Long Time to Start the Car

The characteristics of the problematic car coil that are most pronounced are, it takes a long time to start the car.

An important component for the combustion of a car engine, so if the coil is problematic it will have an impact on the car's starting time which becomes longer.

The coil is weak, it will be difficult to produce sparks in the engine combustion chamber so it takes a longer time to start the car engine.

Unstable Engine Performance

The coil starts to weaken causing the car's performance to be unstable, even the car engine will feel cramped when used. This is because the combustion is not optimal because the coil is already weak.

the Engine Died Suddenly

The last characteristic of a weak car coil is a car engine that suddenly dies. Car engines that die suddenly are usually caused by badly damaged coils.

How to Fix a Weak Car Coil

If you encounter the symptoms of the weak car coil on your car, it is better to immediately take your car to a repair shop for immediate repair by the mechanic.

Usually a damaged car coil is better replaced with a new one.

If you don't have time to take your car to a repair shop, you can do the following:

  • Provides anti-rust liquid on the part of the coil that is in direct contact with the spring
  • Cleaning the end of the spring on the car coil
  • Cover the leaky coil section using iron glue

the Difference Between the Problems in the Coil and Spark Plug

The coil and spark plug have almost the same function, both of which have an important function in the combustion of a car. Some of the characteristics of a weak car coil above can also be caused by a faulty spark plug.

The main thing that distinguishes damage to the coil and spark plug is, if the spark plug has been replaced with a new spark plug but the combustion in the car is still problematic, it means that the problem is the coil.

However, it is better for you to immediately take your car to a repair shop when you find the characteristics of a weak coil on your car to get the right help right away.

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