What is Home Banking? Definition of Home Banking, Home Banking Meaning and Concept

Home banking are all those resources, tools and provisions aimed at bringing banking services as close as possible to the customer.

Within this, we can find several types of banking services depending on the communication channel. Thus, there is online banking, through telematic means, telephone banking, through the telephone to carry out various operations and checks, digital banking, which is a broader term that collects all of the above, through digital applications.

In general, home banking is a broad concept that consists of taking to all corners the possibility of carrying out operations, transactions of any kind as regards banking services.

Evolution of home banking

The term home banking began to be used in the late 90s when opportunities arose to be able to carry out any management beyond the physical headquarters of any bank branch and in a longer schedule than this.

In recent years, all banks have made improvements and adaptations to start up home banking or online banking, in such a way that today it is possible to carry out any type of operation through various methods without the need to go to a bank branch.. This sectorization has led to the appearance of purely digital banks, through telematic means, without having physical bank offices, or traditional banks have created sections and banks in parallel with which to operate digitally, so as not to lose market share in the sector..

Today home banking is no longer a complement to traditional banking to play the main role in customer operations and inquiries, radically transforming the sector and betting on digital banking, in which some banks see a vein in your strategy.