What is Coregistration? Definition of Coregistration, Coregistration Meaning and Concept

A co-registration is a registration made in the online sector by a user, who provides their data to participate in a specific promotion. For example, an online giveaway.

When the user participates in this promotional action, he accepts the conditions of use and transfers his data to the company, with which he participates in said contest. These companies to which you transfer your data may use them to contact you when receiving the award, for promotional purposes, phone calls, newsletter shipments, among others.

Characteristics of a co-registry.

It is a way of capturing leads in the online sector since it is another of the names used for this type of strategy. It is characterized fundamentally by capturing the user in a cold and surprising way since he is not aware on many occasions that when participating in a contest his data will be registered by third companies.

This technique in which the user is not too aware of that record, even if he himself is the one who fills in the participation data, allows massive captures of databases to be made, which gives a large amount of data from Internet users.

What is this technique for?

Fundamentally this technique is used to expand and create databases of companies, when they need a large volume for telemarketing teams when they make cold calls. It is an ideal recruitment technique for this type of strategy.

What the company that implements this technique must take into account is that the user is sometimes not aware that their data is passed on to third parties so they do not expect to be contacted and perhaps their interest is miniscule contrary to what the business.

In general terms, the co-registry allows a collection of data that includes the maximum amount of data from its users to facilitate contact, segmentation and location. All this information is analyzed by the company and used according to its interests, usually of a commercial nature.

When a company conducts a co-registration campaign, it selects the collection criteria (gender, age, geolocation, etc.), compiles quality prospects and specific consumer profiles, and collects prospective customers with great profitability.