What is Communication Channel? Definition of Communication Channel, Communication Channel Meaning and Concept

The communication channel is the means by which data, messages or information sent by a sender to a receiver are transmitted.

The communication channel is essential within the communication process. When a sender sends information to a receiver, a series of elements intervene to make this process optimal.

The context, the noise, the message, the code and the channel are the elements that participate, together with the sender and the receiver.

The channel is a physical medium through which information is transmitted. For example, chat, phone or television.

Types of communication channels that exist

These are the most prominent:

  • Personal channels: These are communication channels that allow more direct communication between sender and receiver and greater interaction during the process. For example, the telephone.
  • Impersonal channels : These communication channels have the peculiarity that they are directed to a large number of recipients. The messages are usually not personalized. For example, the radio.
  • One-way channel: The media, the boom in new technologies and the appearance of the Internet are channels through which messages are broadcast to a large audience. They tend to have a unidirectional character because the messages are not personalized and there is no direct response from the public towards the sender. For example, television.
  • Bidirectional channel: When communication is carried out through a channel that allows constant and direct interaction between sender and receiver, it is called a bidirectional channel. For example, a phone call.

Communication channel example

Communication is essential for the human being. It is necessary to clarify doubts, reveal opinions, share information and reach agreements that allow a better social organization.

The channels through which communication passes are essential, since they facilitate that this is carried out effectively.

Television, forums, social networks, email, are some of the most used communication channels.

It will depend on the objectives of the issuer to choose one channel or another. If you want to target a large number of people, you will probably opt for a mass communication channel.

However, if you need to transmit information in a direct and more personalized way, you will choose a more personal channel according to your needs. The use of the telephone would be a very valid option in this case.