What is Category Killer? Definition of Category Killer, Category Killer Meaning and Concept

We speak of category killer (“ category killer ” in its translation from English) to refer to commercial areas, generally large, specialized in a product category of which they offer a wide variety at very attractive prices.

Category killers were born in North America during the eighties with such overwhelming success that it would prevent many of their competitors from leaving the business. The first examples in Spain find their best expression in gardening and DIY, although the categories can be very varied: music, toys, sports, furniture, etc.

Features category killer

Below we will point out some of the essential characteristics that define the operation and commercial strategy of these hypermarkets:

  • Wide offer: Within the chosen category, the category killer tries to offer the maximum possible assortment of products. The customer recognizes this variety in the offer, which allows him to compare, discover news and acquire those items that best suit his needs.
  • Advice: Normally the staff has specific training that allows them to meet consumer demands, solving doubts and offering solutions.
  • Added services: Often these large stores include a whole series of services to the customer that he perceives as an added value: home delivery, installation and assembly, loyalty cards, after-sales services, flexible business hours, etc.
  • Location: Many of these establishments choose to settle on the outskirts of large urban areas, well connected with the metropolis and the suburban dormitory cities. Thus, they favor maximum customer traffic, offering greater convenience in access, parking, loading products, etc. This is mainly the case in categories such as DIY, furniture or gardening.
  • Low prices: Thanks to its wide negotiating power, the category killer offers such competitive prices that, added to all the above, they make it almost impossible for the customer to leave the establishment without having bought anything.