What is Brand Ambassador? Definition of Brand Ambassador, Brand Ambassador Meaning and Concept

A brand ambassador is a consumer of the brand who is loyal, who speaks perfectly of the firm and who is willing to defend it by sharing its philosophy.

The loyalty of some consumers for certain brands is known. A brand ambassador will always be a defender of a certain firm, they will defend it at all costs and, even if the competition publishes similar products, for this type of users those of the brand they follow will always be better products.

Brand ambassadors history

As a result of the new paradigm of communications between companies and users, the brand ambassador was born. The technological transformation has meant a change in which the consumer has a high power over brands. Feedback is critical to users and businesses have realized this. Almost everyone looks for favorable or unfavorable opinions when making purchases, especially if they do so on the Internet.

One could speak of spokespersons for the brand, standard bearers who are manifesting its virtues at all times.

Types of brand ambassadors

Two options can be given when being brand ambassadors:

  1. Natural brand ambassador: One who defends the firm without charging, arises from his appreciation of the services and / or products of the brand he follows.
  2. Brand ambassador hired : Those who are hired, even with high salaries, to spread among their contacts about the benefits of the brand to which they are due.

Brands have realized the usefulness of this profile for their companies, so they are aware of the influence and power exercised by opinions and users through the digital sector. Businesses must take care of these types of relationships that can be essential to get their products and services off the ground.