What is Annexed? Definition of Annexed, Annexed Meaning and Concept

An annex is extra information that is usually included at the end of a written work and that provides data that serve to expand what has been revealed during the writing.

Annexes may contain relevant information about the work that has been carried out. Although they are not usually required, it is an extra that is included in creations as important as university theses, for example.

When writing is written on a specific topic, the annex is included within that work, but it is introduced as an independent part, as its own chapter within the writing itself.

What does an annex include?

These are the main characteristics that it usually includes:

  • An annex is a document that is added to the end of a writing, normally it is placed after the bibliography.
  • It is typical of university work, thesis, research programs, among others.
  • It is characterized because the rest of the work has been written by one or more authors, but here images, data, maps, references from other authors are included that serve to enrich and give global meaning to the work that has been previously prepared. Many of these data serve as explanations. They are not the author's own work, but rather those materials are from other writers, or professionals.
  • Although this type of additional data is put, the format in its development and explanation must be consistent with the rest that is being used in the writing.

Examples of annexes

These are some typical examples of annexes:

  • In a book dedicated to maps, for example, you can include an annex on images of maps and characteristic routes that are discussed during the writing. In this way they serve to enhance the explanation and promote the meaning of the book.
  • Tables and data. In a math book, for example, you can add these types of graphs. The objective is to always understand what has been exposed, and to offer additional information to help the study and understanding of this type of subject.
  • Glossary. A very popular example of an annex in many books, especially in education. A series of terms and their explanation are introduced as they have been named during the book, or as an addition to clarify concepts that are essential to understand the subject more widely.

Difference between appendix and annex

These two terms are often confused, but they have their differences.

The most important lies in the fact that although both add relevant and additional information to the writings, when speaking of an appendix it refers to the fact that this addition is the work of the author of the work, and when it is an annex, data is also provided, but they are usually from third parties.