Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Living Room Reform

 Are you considering going into the adventure of renovating your living room? There are always many questions and decisions that are raised. As specialists in furniture and integral reforms that we are, we offer you in this article some tips so that your project reaches the best port. Let's go there!

Let there be light

If there is something that is priceless in a home, it is natural light. If you are going to reform your living room and you have the possibility, increasing the size of your windows, converting two small ones into one large or even creating a new one will be one of the great decisions of your domestic life. Everything will change!

What do I do with my walls?

Although personal taste already enters this, we recommend light colors for the walls. This advice is in connection with the previous one, since bright tones increase the sensation of light. The most daring paint, upholster or vinyl one or two of the walls of their living room and the others leave them in sharp colors. This creates a very interesting contrast effect. And do not forget that you can also cover one, several or all the walls of your living room for aesthetic or isolation purposes. If you live in humid areas, or very close to the sea, this is an almost mandatory decision.

Custom built-in wardrobes

We usually associate built-in wardrobes with other parts of the house: bedrooms and even hallways. However, a built-in wardrobe in the living room can be a great decision, especially if you have little space or if you simply have a lot to store. Think that custom cabinets offer endless aesthetic possibilities and that they can be as striking as they are discreet. In your living room or in any other part of the house, a custom built-in wardrobe is always going to be a good decision.

Living room and kitchen, one

Those floors where the kitchen was at one end of the hall and the living room at the other are no longer taken. In new homes it is already very common for the living room and kitchen to be connected as one. However, if it is an old apartment, things change. Are you going to reform it? So connecting kitchen and living room in one space can be a great idea. They are parts of the house that we use practically in unison and in which we enter and leave continuously. You will gain in practicality. Your life will speed up.

Living room furniture

For us, wood will always be the queen of living room furniture, but there are many possibilities within reach and, above all, we believe in combination and eclecticism. We focus, then, on other issues: Whether your living room is large or small, create free spaces, do not fill too much. The sofa, inevitably, will be one of the visual axes: choose its upholstery and shape well, but above all ... make it comfortable. Finally: a large bookcase not only dresses and gives warmth, but also provides formidable storage, whether for books or anything else.