The 5 Advantages of Installing Custom Built-in Wardrobes at Home

It is true that they are more expensive than the prefabricated ones, and that if we move we cannot take them with us, but a custom built-in wardrobe is one of the great treasures of a house: They not only dress, but they provide us with spectacular storage possibilities. In this article we review the advantages of this type of furniture that will shine in all its splendor if you resort to a wood carpenter.

Use of space

A custom built-in wardrobe will always make the most of the available space, even if it is irregular, has pilasters, projections or recesses. It is an ideal way to avoid dead corners at home.

More clean

Due to its own characteristics, a custom wardrobe does not leave gaps. With it, you can forget about accumulations of dust on the top, as happens with a prefabricated closet, or continuously vacuuming under its legs or in the corner of the wall. In the long run, this saves considerable time cleaning the home.

It adapts to your home and you

A built-in wardrobe not only adapts to the place (for example a downspout can be easily converted by the carpenter into a useful space), but to the person who is going to use it. You will decide its distribution based on your habits and what you need. It cannot be otherwise when we talk about something made to measure ... Just for you.

Aesthetic possibilities

The aesthetic possibilities of a built-in wardrobe are simply endless: Modern, classic, minimalist, baroque, with mirrors, with normal or sliding doors ... The options are endless. The important thing is that between you and your carpenter you find yours, with exactly what you want for your home.

Varied range of prices and materials

Although, as we said at the beginning, custom cabinets usually involve, logically, a greater outlay than prefabricated ones, there is a whole range of prices that we can play with depending on the material we choose. We can opt for the most expensive (and durable) such as solid woods, whether hard or soft, or for others such as veneer or lacquered board, cheaper and very resistant to time as well. Then there are more daring alternatives, like glass, aluminum or iron.