Five Ideas to Turn Your Loft Into a Warm Living Space

 Lofts are as magical as they are useful spaces in a house, a true luxury. Their big problem is maintaining order inside, and that they do not become mere warehouses for old junk and everything we do not want to have in between. Cleaning can also be a challenge, as it is the most remote place in the home and we tend to neglect and forget it.

Now, have you ever considered turning your attic into a habitable place in the house? Transforming it into a bedroom, study or living room can be a great idea ... that is also accompanied by challenges. Today we propose some tips to turn your attic into a warm and comfortable space.

Built-in wardrobes

Converting your loft into a bedroom does not mean totally stripping it of its storage capacity. Good built-in wardrobes will be incredibly useful for you in this regard. The sloping ceilings that we like so much require custom-made cabinets in an adapted way. This, contrary to what you might think, creates very aesthetic effects.

The ceiling

The first thing you should be clear about is that the ceiling is high enough to make the place habitable. If not, you can always turn it into a playroom for your children or even a loft for a bed.


If your attic is going to be a bedroom, you will need good insulation. If not, in winter, you will not be able to be. And the electricity bill will skyrocket. On the other hand, the wood coverings on the walls are something that always works excellently in the attic, both aesthetically and thermally.


Surely you are thinking of a suggestive roof window and, indeed, they are magnificent. Now, don't forget that you can also install side windows. In essence, the important thing is that you guarantee good natural lighting and that the windows, both in terms of the model and the carpentry, provide good insulation against cold and humidity.

Furniture and decoration

How to decorate a loft ? It is something that admits all possibilities and styles: sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs, cabinets, desks, beds ... Only your imagination will set the limit. Yes, we can advise you to leave free spaces and corridors to move around the place and to take advantage of the corners in the best possible way. There are truly ingenious solutions