3 Tips to Protect a Wooden Countertop

If you have a wooden countertop at home, know the following tips to protect it in the best way.

As we already know, wood is a material that requires a lot of care in order to keep it looking good. In this article, we are going to focus on the ideal protection for a wooden countertop .

But what do you have to take into account when buying a countertop? For example: what is the frequency of use that we plan to give it, if we want it to be easy and quick to clean or, for example, what will be the most appropriate for the decorative style of our home (this is essential).

In the case of opting for a wooden countertop, we must not forget that we will have to take care of it often . Obviously, it will depend a bit on the type of wood we choose, although in general, all of them need more care than other materials.

Without a doubt, the wooden ones will give a natural, organic, warm and welcoming touch to our kitchen . Next, we leave you our advice so that it is always well protected and cared for, to have a longer useful life.

1. Protects the wooden countertop from stains and moisture

This is achieved, first of all, by keeping them clean. It is not necessary that you be a maniac of order and cleanliness , but we do recommend that you do it quite regularly.

Otherwise, dirt will begin to accumulate little by little, which would be followed by the appearance of stains. For this, you can use neutral detergents or alcohol . Do not use any type of abrasive product, as it will damage the surface.

And do not leave the hot containers on top, without anything in between, it would be instantly marked. The same happens with water, the surface could expand . Something as usual as the mark of a glass on wooden furniture , if you don't clean it in time, it can damage the countertop.

2. Brush and sand

For the surface to continue to be in good condition, without imperfections, it is important that you brush and sand it periodically (to remove chips, for example). In addition, you must be careful with the scouring pads or sponges that you use to protect the wooden countertop , as they can scratch the surface.

If there are cracks, you can fill them with wax . You should apply it with a cloth on the surface while it is still hot. Once it is cold, you must rub with the cloth so that the result is completely homogeneous and you will not notice any difference when passing your hand over it.

That there is a crack does not mean that the wooden countertop is defective, far from it, but you should give it this treatment so that it does not go further.

3. Varnish the wooden countertop

Varnishing furniture is nothing new: it is necessary for it to have a longer useful life. The main characteristic is that they close the pore of the wood, so they do not let it perspire. It protects, above all, from stains or the accumulation of dust (there are many tricks to remove dust at home).

We refer to these products as finishing products , just like, for example, lasures. The main difference between the two is that the stains do not close the pore, so they penetrate the entire fiber of the wood. On the Internet you can buy them quickly and easily.

The most important thing is that you do not neglect yourself and perform these tasks periodically, so that the wood always looks good and has a longer useful life.