Solution for Sunless Rooms: How to Lighten the Dark Room?

Do you get bored for no reason while spending time at home even though you love your home? One of those responsible for this situation may be your home decoration; to tell us! Decoration errors especially in rooms that do not see the sun and overlook the apartment space; it may cause you to create a darker and boring space. So how to show the dark room bright ? Do not worry; In this article, we list the suggestions for solutions and decoration ideas for the house without sun!

Why Is It Important To Make The Dark Room Bright?

Your Home; your living space where you relax, find peace and spend pleasant time. But as you think and we mentioned, the dark house can cause a boring living space. As such, you are not satisfied with the time you spend at home. It is also worth noting that darkness has a direct relationship with difficulty in waking up in the morning and even with depression.

In addition, a dark and poorly lit room may appear smaller than it is. As you can imagine, this is one of the biggest obstacles to having a spacious room! Thanks to the suggestions that will help make the dark room bright, it is possible to have more spacious rooms.

A dark area that does not receive daylight and is not well lit can also threaten your security. Because not paying attention to lighting can increase the chance of home accidents.

You don't want to experience all these disadvantages, and I said, " My house doesn't see the sun, what should I do ?" We know that you are looking for an answer to the question. Here are the points to consider when you are decorating the dark room:

Position your furniture so that it does not cut off the daylight

Whether we talk about the decoration of the room overlooking the apartment space or the design of a room that receives little sun due to an apartment built across your house. If you are reading this article, it means that a very limited amount of sunlight enters your home. When this is the case, restricting sunlight prevents the area from being bright. We can say that one of these restrictions is the wrong positioning of the furniture in the room.

Positioning especially large-sized furniture in front of or next to the windows can adversely affect the natural light rate that will enter the area. For this reason, it would be correct to position large-sized furniture such as showcases and bookcases as far away from the window as possible.

Prefer Light Colored Tulle and Curtains

"How to light the room without sun?" One of the answers to the question is about your tulle and curtains. The more light you get in your room, the better, but thick or dark tulle and curtains can prevent the rooms from looking bright. For this reason, you can choose thin, light colored tulle and curtains.

Make Sure You Enlighten Every Point Of The Room

If daylight does not enter your home, you will receive lots of help from artificial lighting to create a bright space. Living room, bedroom or doorway; it does not matter! If you have a sun-free room in your home, you should illuminate your living area so that there is no dark area in order to create a bright space, make your home more spacious and prevent possible home accidents. In order to achieve this, besides ceiling lighting, you should use auxiliary lighting solutions such as floor lamps, spotlights and wall lights.
  • You can brighten up the space, especially in areas such as halls, halls, corridors, and decorative products such as the painting you want to emphasize, thanks to this lighting option, you can make it stylishly attractive.
  • Although lampshades are products associated with the bedroom, placing them in areas such as salons is also one of the decoration trends! We recommend you to take advantage of this decoration fashion while brightening your home.
  • Lamps, which are one of the lighting options that complement the decoration, can provide lighting with ceiling lighting whenever you want, and you can create a dim environment when you want.
  • Appliques are a savior especially in homes that do not have enough space to position additional lighting products!
  • In addition to these, options such as table lamp and night lamp for your bedroom should not be forgotten in order to create an efficient workplace! In addition to the options that reflect your taste, it is possible to find colorful alternatives for children rooms.

Leverage the Power of Wall Decoration

You positioned your furniture in such a way that it does not block the light, you prefer light colored and thin curtains, you created a brighter area by using lighting products ... Are these enough to illuminate the rooms that do not receive sun ? Our answer is very clear: No, it is not! Because wall decoration is a very important subject in this regard. For example, " What color should dark houses be painted ?" The answer to the question plays a very important role in ensuring that you achieve the spacious and bright effect you want to capture in the room!

Choosing a dark color on the walls makes the room look darker and at the same time small. Light colors, on the other hand, create the perception that the room is larger thanks to its light reflecting properties and can show the area wider. For this very reason, you can choose colors such as white, light gray, light blue, ecru as wall paint. If you prefer wallpaper or want to make the area moving with wall paint, you can use yellow. Yellow is a superhero about making the space brighter and more energetic because it reminds the sun!

It should be noted that the choice of bulb color is also very important at this stage. Warm white bulbs close to daylight can be the ideal choice for your living rooms. For bedrooms, you can choose yellow lights that have a relaxing effect. In the meantime, let's underline that the choice of LED bulbs is essential for saving electricity.

In addition, the mirrors you will place on your walls are one of the tricks that will make the area bright. Mirrors reflecting light and image can increase the depth of field, making your home look brighter and more spacious.

Make Appropriate Choices in Furniture Selection

It will be useful to choose the colors that make the dark room bright in furniture as well as walls. For example, you can choose light colored alternatives in the sofa set, and choose light brown colors in furniture such as dresuar or console. Of course, you need to use contrast and dark colors to add movement to the area. You can choose these colors in smaller size products such as throw pillows, tables, zigon coffee tables. In the meantime, do not worry if you are not going to buy new furniture; Thanks to hobby paints, you can paint your furniture such as tables and coffee tables and renew them economically. In your sofa sets, seat covers are ready to help you!

We have mentioned that dark rooms can appear smaller than they are when the correct decoration applications are not made. But let's not go without saying that the dimensions of the furniture as well as the colors used in the furniture can cause the space to look narrow. Minimal room decoration can make you have a wider space in the room. In addition, let us note that it will be beneficial for the furniture you prefer to be suitable for minimal design.

Prefer Light Colors on Floors

The parquet or tile color you choose is also very important for lighting the area. You can choose parquets and ceramics with colors such as white, light gray and beige. A few tones darker than the floor can help you take an effective step in constructing a stylish space. If your floors are dark and you do not plan to renew the floors, then the solution is to use light carpets and rugs!

Use Your Preference From Shine to Decorative Product Selection

Of course, which colors you prefer in decorative products is related to the color palette you choose. But let's not go without saying that one of the options to make the area bright for dark rooms is related to the use of decorative products. Metal decorative products, which are very popular in recent years, such as gold, silver, bronze and rose gold, can help you achieve your goal by adding brightness to the area. In addition to decorative objects, you can use metal products in lighting products or furniture (for example, coffee tables with metal legs).

It is that easy to apply tricks that will make your home bright and create pleasant living spaces!