Farewell to Microbes: How to Clean a Bathroom?

Even if you pay attention to the cleanliness of every area in your home, we know that you are more sensitive about bathroom cleaning. You are quite right about this! After all, a poorly cleaned bathroom is the freedom zone of microbes. So, how is bath cleaning done , what are the natural methods of bath cleaning besides chemical detergents?

Things to consider while cleaning the bathroom

  • Wearing protective gloves is a must for bathroom and toilet cleaning. Gloves can prevent the negative effects of the detergents you use on your skin.
  • You should not use the cleaning cloths that you use for cleaning different areas in the bathroom (toilet bowl, floor, shower cabin, etc.) in other parts of the bathroom. This can cause microbes to move.
  • You should not mix different cleaning products such as salt spirit, bleach. This movement can seriously damage your respiratory tract and cause poisoning.
  • You should keep in mind that using cleaning products in excess of the need or in a way that does not comply with the instructions will also harm your health. Therefore, it is very important that you read the instructions for use.
  • When cleaning the bathroom, you should take care to ventilate the area.
  • You should make sure that you rinse the areas with water, especially if you use chemical products for bathroom toilet cleaning.

Preparations for Bathroom Toilet Cleaning

You rolled up the sleeves to clean your bathroom. So, did you do what you need to do before you start cleaning? Here are the preparations that are among the bathroom cleaning tricks :
  • Wear your clothes that you have reserved for cleaning. So you can move comfortably and prevent the damage of a clothes you like due to the arrival of cleaning products.
  • Lift the bath mat off the floor; Take the soap dispenser on the sink and the care products on the floor of the shower. In this way, you will not encounter any obstacles and you can make cleaning easier.
  • Place it in the washing machine to wash the dirty bathrobes and towels in your bathroom.
  • Pour cleaning product into the toilet bowl. Which of the best detergents for bathroom cleaning can change according to your needs; Do not forget this.
  • Wash the trash. You can put a bag inside the bucket to prevent the dirt bucket in the bathroom from getting too dirty.
  • For the shower cabin and sink cleaning, pour suitable cleaning products into these areas and wait for a while.
Now, " How's the bathroom cleaning done ?" Let's start giving the field that gets the answer to the question.

How To Clean The Shower Cabin? How To Clean The Bathtub?

When cleaning the shower cabin, you should clean different areas such as shower trays, shower windows and tiles. So, how is the shower cabin cleaned and what is the shower cabin cleaned ? You can also use these suggestions for bathtub cleaning.
  • If available, move the cleaning and care products located in the shower cabin to another location.
  • Remove hairs that accumulate in the drain on the shower cabin. Of course, we assume that you are wearing your gloves before starting cleaning.
  • Spray the shower walls with cleaning sprays produced for the bathroom and rub the tiles with a sponge or brush used for this process.
  • Wipe the shower windows with a glass cleaner and a cloth that will not damage the glass.
  • Get help with descaling products to remove water stains on the shower head and the faucet.
  • Finally, pour a cleaning product into the shower cabin and clean this area.
  • You can get help from a mixture of lemon and oxygenated water for yellowing on the floor caused by soap stains and silicone yellowing that occurs over time.

How To Clean The Toilet Seat?

Perhaps the most important part of bathroom cleaning is toilet bowl cleaning! So, how should the toilet bowl be cleaned?
  • We mentioned that you need to pour a cleaning product on the toilet before starting the bathroom cleaning. It is a good idea to keep the cleaning product in the toilet for about 15 minutes. This way, microbes will be more likely to become ineffective.
  • "How to clean the toilet ?" The answer to the question is actually quite simple. With the help of a toilet brush and water, wipe the inside of the toilet bowl with the sponge you use only to clean the toilet bowl.
  • You should not neglect to clean the toilet seat. For your health, let us remind you that the toilet seat cover should be changed once a year.
Of course, cleaning the toilet bowl correctly is of course very important for getting rid of germs. However, since the spaces of the ducted toilets cannot be cleaned easily, these points can turn into the living space of the microbes. Ductless toilet bowls are more successful in hygiene. If you want to buy a new toilet in your bathroom, you can choose the ductless toilet bowls.

How To Clean The Sink?

So, what method should you follow for sink cleaning?
  • Dispense the cleaning product you put in the sink with a sponge.
  • You can remove the soap and water stains that occur in the washbasins with lime-removing products.
  • Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with water after cleaning.

How To Clean Bathroom Floor? How To Clean Bathroom Tile?

Bathroom floor cleaning is as important as toilet bowl cleaning. In particular, you need to clean the toilet edges thoroughly.
  • Clean the dirt on the floors only with a broom with a broom head that you use in this area. This is very important to prevent the drain from clogging.
  • You can mix the cleaning products for the bathroom floors and tiles with water and rub them with a brush.
  • You should dry the floors and tiles to prevent home accidents that may occur.

Attention: Do Not Forget These Points in Bathroom Cleaning

Shower cabin, bathtub, closet, sink, floors and walls… Even if you clear important points in your bathroom, it may not be possible to talk about a quality cleaning when you skip some points. Therefore, let's make some suggestions about the cleaning of frequently forgotten or bypassed points:
  • When cleaning the bathroom and toilet, one of the most forgotten points is the culverts and bathroom aspirators. You should remove these points from dust by wiping them with a damp cloth.
  • Door handles, electrical outlets and switches can become the home of microbes when they are not cleaned. For this reason, you should wipe these points regularly with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • You should not forget to clean the interior of the bathroom cabinets and the bathroom mirror. If necessary, bathroom accessories such as toothbrushes and soap dispensers should also be cleaned.
  • Another one of the forgotten points is the towel warmer! You should first wipe your towel rails with a damp cloth, then pass over them with a dry cloth.

Suggestions to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer

  • The layout is as important as the bathroom cleaning. Because no matter how much you clean, an uneven bathroom can look messy. You can use baskets and boxes suitable for bathroom decoration for bathroom cleaning and order. For example, you can put the products of different categories from the necessary materials for the bathroom to guest hand towels into the baskets of your choice. If your bathroom cabinet is inadequate, you can increase your storage space by installing a shelf on the walls.
  • A little tip to keep the bathroom clean longer: Don't wait for the bathroom cleaning day! For example, if the sink is dirty, you can immediately wipe the area with your cleaning cloth.
  • Closing the toilet seat while draining the flush can greatly prevent microbes from spreading around. For this reason, we recommend that you close the toilet seat and flush.
  • You can use automatic air fresheners to make the bathroom smell clean. Of course, besides this, it should not be forgotten that there may be odor from expenses. You can both have a nice appearance and prevent bad odors thanks to the expense covering products.

How To Make Bathroom Cleaning Natural?

  • Especially for the shower cabin and bathtub, " How to clean the tub and shower cabin naturally ?" You can ask the question. To do this, first pour a packet of carbonate into a water glass and pour it into the ground. Then, clean the floor from dirt with vinegar water. Finally, rinse the area with clean water.
  • The natural method of toilet bowl cleaning is to use oxygenated water instead of bleach. The natural method you can use to clean the lime in the toilet bowl is to pour borax and then white vinegar into the toilet bowl.
  • You can use a mixture of arabic soap and carbonate on floors and tiles for natural toilet cleaning.

We explained how to clean a bathroom for a sparkling and clean bathroom.