How to Clean Granite Countertops?

The woman’s favorite place for the house is the kitchen. And if modern beauty is induced there, you need to be able to maintain it. And if your countertop is stone, what then? We will talk about this below.

Cleaning the granite surface of the countertop

We have identified several ways in which your stone countertop will always be clean.


Regularly clean the countertop, removing everything from it, down to the technique, this will prevent the absorption of liquid and sticky stains (a hot wet rag will help remove the stain that has remained on the countertop for a while):
  • the main daily, or even several times a day, cleaning is carried out with a rag soaked in soapy water;
  • never use store cleaners containing acids or acidic chemicals;
  • part 3 parts detergent for dishes and 1 part alcohol for cleaning granite countertops. Let such a tool always be at hand. It is stirred in large quantities of very warm, but not hot water. This is washed;
  • Hard to reach spots also need to try to remove. Otherwise, they will remain forever. Use a natural sorbent that is in the kitchen of any housewife - soda:
  • for stains on an oil basis, dilute in a glass of soda 5 tbsp. detergent and add so much water to achieve the consistency of yogurt;
  • for water spots - instead of water, pour hydrogen peroxide into the same composition;

In order not to rub the surface constantly, protect it for several years with a special layer, in which water should be collected in balls. It is made using sealant.

Remember that granite can suffer from contact with acidic formulas, ammonia, vinegar and lemon cleaners.

In order to avoid problems that cannot be fixed, invite specialists to carry out cleaning, including cleaning granite countertops.

How Do You Care for Granite Countertops?

Proper care of the surfaces of granite will allow for a long time to maintain their original appearance. As a rule, to clean granite countertops, it is enough to use a damp sponge or a soft cloth.

Thus, you can get rid of adhering crumbs, food debris. If traces still remain on the countertop, you can use the usual dishwashing detergent, and then wash off the remnants of the detergent with water, which will avoid the appearance of whitish stripes on the surface.

To use abrasive powders for this purpose is not advisable. The effect of such cleaners is like sandpaper, after their application on the granite surface there may be scratches. Potent chemicals designed to clean tiles and bathtubs are no less harmful - they leave stains after themselves,

How to Remove Stains From Granite Countertops?

If you do not promptly wipe the drops from the granite worktop, then after evaporation of the liquid, a solid precipitate remains between the stone crystals. Such a stain is almost impossible to remove with conventional detergents. In most cases, the following method helps to get rid of stains from granite countertops. To begin with, the stain should be soaked for several minutes with hot water, after which remove excess water and cover the stain with paper towels soaked in hot water. The layer of napkins should be at least 5 mm, on top of them should be put a plastic film and pressed with a flat weight. It is advisable to leave such a “structure” overnight, this time will be enough for the napkins to absorb particles of dirt that has absorbed into the stone. If the stain still could not be removed with hot water, then cold acetone should be used instead.