Commercial Steam Car Wash Machines

Car wash with steam
A new product for car and gas station owners offering self service (without touch)

The steam washer is used to clean and disinfect the upholstery. It is the first solution on the market that allows drivers and customers to clean the upholstery of the car on their own and enjoy a short drying time (due to the use of dry steam cleaning technology).

The car steam washer was designed for washing cars without touch, gas stations and all other places where cars are parked, such as shopping malls and malls. Due to the investment in steam cleaning machines with self-service upholstery, wireless car washes and gas stations can extend their range of services and attract new customers, as well as highlight the market.

Upholstery cleaning with self-service

A solution long awaited by customers who value self-service

Automatic steam upholstery cleaning service is similar to using standard cleaning solutions. The difference is a short drying time, because of which your car can be prepared to drive shortly after washing. As a rule, the entire process lasts from a few minutes to a dozen minutes and offers its customers unobtrusive space afterwards - saving time and money, as well as freedom of choice.

Laundry owners and their customers have long been waiting for the solution that allows them to clean their car comprehensively not only from the outside but also from the inside. Auto steam washing machines are the answer to this need and fill the void in the area of self-service car washes.

Self-service laundry with benefits for drivers

Automatic self-service washing offers a number of benefits to drivers, such as low price, increased time and comfort in choosing the place and date of service.

Due to these advantages, automatic car washes are becoming more popular among customers, to the detriment of washing machines and automatic washing machines. The advantage of the automatic car wash machine is the safety of the paint. Carriers and taxi drivers prefer washing cars without touch, due to the low price of the service and the convenience in choosing the service time. Apart from the price, entrepreneurs and corporate clients have a short service time. So far all these merits have been applied to the external washing of the vehicle (and possibly to the suction).

Manufacturers of automatic washing devices have recently upgraded their services to provide customers with the upholstery cleaning service (so far this service has only been available in handwashing). A new product on offer for many non-touch automatic washing machines is a self-service steam washing machine designed to wash the steam upholstery with a short drying time. Self-service washing units equipped with such a device offer their customers more complete services, long awaited by private drivers, as well as carriers and corporate customers.

Self-service and peripheral car washes

Self-service laundries also include all kinds of peripheral devices that, in addition to external cleaning, allow customers to perform additional services.

Each self-service washing device is equipped with sand vacuum cleaners, coin-operated machines and compressors, carpet washing machines or tire wax dispensers. Manufacturers of car washes, know that a self-service washing machine cannot operate without peripheral devices and are therefore looking for complex equipment in car washes. The new product in the group of peripheral devices for automatic self-service washes is a self-propelled steam washing machine, intended for steam upholstery cleaning. This innovative product complements the market for automatic car washes.

The self-service steam upholstery cleaners allow you to expand the range of services offered and compete with other car washes. Given that the car wash market is already very saturated, the great advantage of upholstery washing machines is that you can also distinguish your car wash from other competitive washing machines and subsequently gain additional customers.

Benefits for investors, automatic washing and gas stations

Responding to customer needs

Thanks to our self-service steam washing systems, self-cleaning customers can clean the inside of their car. It is the answer to the needs of car wash owners and their customers.

Extension of the range of services offered

The steam upholstery cleaning machine offers a chance for gas stations and car washes, which offers the possibility of extending the range of services, subsequently gaining new customers and distinguishing you from the competition on the market.

Distinction against the background of competitive self-service washing machines

Self service upholstery steam cleaning helps to distinguish yourself from car washes that do not have such a car and generates additional profits for the owner of the car wash.