What is the function of the spark plugs in the engine?

What is the function of the spark plugs in the engine?
What are spark plugs in your car engine? We give you details of this essential auto part for your vehicle.

This time we will talk about an essential part when it comes to running your car and that literally "keeps" the engine on. The auto part we are referring to is the spark plug which is responsible for transmitting the ignition spark inside the combustion chamber of the propeller.

The above is done for each cylinder that has the engine and what the spark plug does is "ignite" the mixture of air and gasoline that compresses the piston. This process is repetitive and essential to obtain the necessary mechanical energy that causes the propellant to operate and send the force generated to the steering wheel of the crankshaft and in turn this transmits it to the gearbox that generates the traction that is sent to the wheels.

Each vehicle has different specifications so there is a spark plug for each engine and this ensures proper operation.

To operate the spark plugs, they receive high voltage and self-execute causing the spark, which must have sufficient intensity and duration to ignite the air / gasoline mixture. Also to be able to withstand the high temperatures in which they work, the spark plugs are constructed of heat-resistant ceramic materials .

In general, these vital parts for the propeller suffer a strong wear due to the working conditions to which they are subjected, so it is necessary to change them every time the engine is tuned. Never combine new spark plugs with medium-duty spark plugs as in addition to poor machine operation, it will affect fuel efficiency.