Gasoline pump: what this element is and how it works

What is the gasoline pump and how does it work in a car?
The gasoline pump is essential in ensuring that the injectors receive the corresponding fuel flow.

The gasoline pump is an essential element for the proper functioning of the engine since it is responsible for making the injection system constantly receive the fuel through the rails of the injectors that by suction extract the liquid from the tank.

Usually, these are electric pumps that are usually installed inside or around the fuel tank. Normally, the voltage at which a car's gas pump works is 12 V and is operated through the pump relay.

Remember at this point that, in old cars that incorporate carburetor, the gasoline pump is installed in the engine and works under pressure through a diaphragm that is driven by the cam shaft itself.

Thus, the gasoline pump is responsible for ensuring that the supply circuit has a constant supply which is controlled thanks to a pressure regulator.

At what working pressure should a car's gas pump run?

It will be necessary, therefore, that in the nozzle ramp there is a minimum pressure of between 2 and 4 bars, while as the speed increases and with it the revolutions, this pressure will increase progressively until reaching 3 or 4 bars.

In addition, it is important to mention that the gasoline pump acts similarly to the diesel injection pump , since both are responsible for boosting the fuel with the necessary pressure to the cylinders making the engine run optimally and efficiently.

Why driving in reserve is not recommended for the gasoline pump?

We must also highlight how harmful it is for the gasoline pump to circulate continuously with the car in reserve since it is inside the fuel tank and receives its cooling by means of the liquid itself, so use the car regularly with low fuel It could mean overheating the pump.

Finally, we would like to highlight the importance of the gasoline pump in a vehicle that uses this type of fuel since if it were in poor condition, different types of breakdowns could occur that would directly affect the car's engine.