How to improve the relationship with my mother

How to improve the relationship with my mother
The mother and child relationship is special but, also, it can be complex at some times. The important thing is that you observe the force of love as a vital ingredient to strengthen this bond.

The relationship between mother and child also evolves constantly from age. When you are an adult, you position yourself before your parents in a different way than when you were a child. However, having a good relationship with your mother also greatly improves your own level of happiness.

Do not interpret your life only individually. When your relationship with your mother goes through a good time, your mood is also more cheerful. " How to improve the relationship with my mother? ", If you ask yourself this question, you just have to continue reading this article in which we will give you the best advice to solve this situation.

Find points in common with your mother

In order to improve the relationship with your mother it is recommended that, beyond the differences, look for some common interest with your mother. For example, if you both love movies, you can specify one day of the week to go to see a new premiere. If you love to travel, you can establish the family tradition of making a trip a year together to spend some time in this emotional relationship.

Beyond your general and group relationship with the whole family system, focus your attention on this link to improve it by dedicating time to your mother. There is no other way to improve the relationship. Therefore, based on the realism of your professional agenda, find moments for your personal life.

Here are some tips that will help you improve your relationship with your mother:
  • Maybe, you don't live in the same city as your mother. In that case, trust that you can also do something to improve the emotional bond. For example, call him on the phone more times to know how he is and tell him some of your news.
  • Have details with her. For example, surprise him with a bouquet of flowers on any given day, accompany him to do some errands, lend him a book that you loved to read. In short, objectively demonstrate that your mother is part of your life. Don't settle for knowing that you already know. Do not take it for granted. Express affection through "I love you."
  • Time is necessary in any type of relationship . But in this case it is still more given the generational distance. For this reason, value the gift of having your mother present in your life and create new common experiences that will be your future memories.

Thanks to this generational distance, this link is also as interesting as you can constantly learn anecdotes that you don't know. For example, you can show your positive curiosity to discover details of your mother's childhood. She would like to talk to you about that time when you were not present.

Limits to improve the relationship with your mother

Do not make the mistake of believing that your mother can interpret everything you want or expect at all times for the simple fact that she is your mother. Motherly wisdom does not reach this gift. Therefore, express what is important to you . For example, set limits, raise specific demands and, of course, also listen to what your mother has to tell you.

For example, if your mother tends to overprotect you and constantly calls you on the phone, then you will have to prioritize communication around this issue to make her understand that it is not necessary to call you so often. If you are the one who usually adopts an attitude of overprotection towards her, then try to modify this behavior. Identify at what point in particular you would like this relationship to evolve, what limit you observe recurringly among you.

Communication with your mother is important because, in this way, you can both understand each other better from your respective vital positions in each age and in every circumstance.

Your mother is perfect with her imperfections

It is natural that when you look at the story of your life in common with your mother, there is some aspect that you would have liked it to be otherwise. However, understand that your mother is not perfect, just like you make mistakes and have defects. The love he feels for you is perfect in terms of patience, generosity and truth.

Throughout your life you will meet many people, however, few will be as significant as your own mother who is present throughout your life, even beyond her absence. His influence of love, education and values ​​is a root of self-esteem for you.

Try to put into practice virtues that she takes care of when she addresses you: patience, kindness, acceptance and respect. But also try to understand the circumstances that affect your mother as well as any human being. For example, worries, stress, tiredness, fears and disappointments.

In short, cultivate the bond with your mother from the realism of knowing that, like you, you also feel affected by external issues. And although generosity is the quality that defines the experience of motherhood, remember that there must be a balance between giving and receiving . That is, you can also be an important support for your mother at all times.