How to heal the relationship between children and parents?

How to heal the relationship between children and parents?
Heal the relationship between children and parents is a joint effort that should be made by members of a family. Although it may seem a challenge because of frequent conflicts and misunderstandings, it is possible to regain unconditional respect and love.

A crisis that cross the relations in the modern era is the connection that must exist between children and parents. It is common to see that the communication between both is limited to routine matters such as money management or scolding that becomes speeches. To rescue the concept of family, at any time, it is necessary to heal the relationship between children and parents.

Discover below the causes of this dissociation and how to recover the most important relationship: those of children and parents.

Relationship between children and parents: Causes of rupture

Heal the relationship between children and parents is one of the points most addressed in modern psychology. A deteriorated family environment is the cause of failures in both interpersonal relationships and in the economic sphere, to mention just a few. The causes of this situation are different in each family. However, in most cases it is due to:

Broad use of technologies

Electronic devices, in some cases, have extended the distance between people who live in the same house. Now, it is more common to see parents in front of their devices working at all times. Meanwhile, children spend their time playing with the tablet. From small, they are accustomed to not disturb or not interfere with parents.

Everyone thinks that he is right

Some conflicts between parents and children arise when everyone thinks they are right and are not willing to give in. For many, exposing their point of view implies a debate, which leads to the fear of losing the sense of security and falling into vulnerability. This fear prevents dialogue. Thus, the process of breaking the relationship begins.


For many children, the concept of intimacy appears with distrust and fear of parents, factors that are contrary to the promotion of a healthy relationship. In these cases, children see parents as intruders who want to investigate their privacy, which further weakens communication.

On the part of the parents, there is often also the fear of lowering their authority and of exposing events or events that happened when they were young. They also experience the fear that children will find out about the worries they have, whether in the economic, labor or social context.

Heal the relationship between children and parents: Practical measures
To heal the relationship between children and parents it is necessary first to learn to listen and to speak. However, this is an apprenticeship that both parties must take to make the effort worthwhile and pay off. Some of the most effective measures are:


From a very young age, the children should notice that you are an accessible person and that you wish to establish a healthy communication. To do this, start the conversation by sharing ideas that are attractive and without falling into the interrogation. Let them know that what happens to them interests you. To do this, you must stop what you are doing and listen to them. Also, avoid interrupting them and letting them express themselves freely.

On the other hand, the way you react can also stimulate or stop communication with your children. This can show if you want to discuss, if you are on the defensive or upset by the situation. Express your opinion without lowering that of the boys. In this way, you will create a healthy environment that fosters a united relationship and, best of all; you will set a good example.


The work is not simply from the parents, as the children must make an effort. Some of the recommendations suggested by the experts are summarized as follows:
  • Meditate on the consequences of a fractured relationship with parents. Your parents are the most important since they have guided you during the growth. A bad decision can cause damage that hurts you and the rest of the family.
  • Keep an open mind to many options. Your parents' experience represents wisdom. Listening to them and being honest is the best way to take advantage of it.
  • Remember that they are not perfect. This premise should lead you to forgive them daily, consider their mistakes and have patience.
In conclusion, healing the relationship between children and parents is what modern society needs to succeed. The importance of this fact is to avoid living with resentments and resentments that harm both emotional and physical health. On the part of both, feeling part of the family should be the most important thing at all times.