Understanding what is Mesothelioma Cancer with Its Cause and Symptoms

What is Mesothelioma Cancer?

Mesothelioma cancer is the type of cancer happens in the mesothelium or on internal organs of a human being. This type of cancer is well-known to be one of the most dangerous ones. The possibility of people recovering from the cancer is very small. The part of internal organs that's often being affected by the cancer cells is the tissue around the lungs.

What is the Cause of Mesothelioma Cancer?

Generally speaking, mesothelioma cancer is mostly caused by asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a quite common material to be used in buildings. However, they are very dangerous, especially when being inhaled. That is why the patients mostly come from the construction industry where they are working at risk by contacting with asbestos every single day.

Asbestos is not the only cause of cancer, though. The cancer can also be caused by radiation on the chest. Those who have experienced radiation therapy on the chest may feel chest pain and difficulty of breathing, which are the most common symptoms of the cancer.

Mesothelioma can also be genetic. When a member of the family, especially parents, is having mesothelioma cancer, the possibility of their children to have the same condition is quite massive.

What are the Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer?

1.    Chest pain

There are several noticeable symptoms for the cancer. The most common one is the chest pain. Since the cancer is attacking the tissue around the lungs, it may give pressure to the chest and cause chest pain. Moreover, the pain is often severe and unbearable for the patient.

2.    Painful coughing

Besides chest pain, mesothelioma cancer symptom is also including painful coughing. The lungs are not in normal condition because of the cancer cells. Therefore, coughing will keep happening that’s followed by a very sharp pain on the chest and sometimes throat.

3.    Breath shortness

The sufferer of the cancer will also experience shortness of breath. The lungs are not capable to produce air normally, so the patients will find it extremely hard to breathe normally. They may also find themselves like being choked because the lack of air.

4.    Weight loss, fatigue, nausea

The other symptoms of the cancer are including abnormal weight loss that may be quite unexplained. Also, nausea and frequent fatigue can also be signs of the cancer. When you experience any of these symptoms, make sure you contact the doctor as soon as possible to prevent further worsening condition.