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As we know, futsal nets or better known as futsal goal nets, are installed around the futsal field. Installation of futsal nets certainly has a specific purpose.

What is the Purpose of Installing Futsal Nets?

There are several goals why futsal nets are installed in the futsal field, including:
  1. Add security when used for sports, both indoor and outdoor sports.
  2. Protect the players from the impact of walls or pillars on the futsal court.
  3. Used for futsal goal nets.
  4. Aiming at limiting the field to the viewing area as well as from the reserve players.
  5. Prevent the ball from leaving the field when used to play football or hold matches.
  6. Providing security to the audience, because the audience will not be hit by the ball that the player kicks.
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Specifications of Futsal Nets

  • Material: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Thickness: 1 - 2.5 inch
  • Net holes: 4 inc

How to install Futsal Nets

For installation of futsal nets, professional experts are needed or people who are already used to it and understand the proper installation method.

This is because the installation of futsal nets is related to the safety of the players and people who are in the field location.

Failure in installing a futsal net can actually endanger people who are on the futsal field.

Before installing a futsal net, prepare first a steel rope and a binder that will be used to link this futsal net around the field.

Make sure the net is tied to the rope or the pole is tight so it doesn't come loose.

If you are not sure to install the futsal net correctly, you can use the installation service for futsal nets that are usually provided also at the location of the purchase of the futsal net.

However, if you are using a web installer, you will be charged an additional fee according to the set rate.

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