The Legendary Violet Scent of All The Time

The violet scent is a small shepherd who is alone. He has not anything and anyone, except for a magic flute.

The Legendary Violet Scent of All The Time
The flute is very meaningful to the violet scent. That's the only treasure he has. Every time he held the flute, she will forget that he has no father and mother.

When he blows it, he would forget that he is hungry and thirsty. When he plays it, the forest as though is silent and all the animals will stop running.

All the sheep he was guarding will also be quiet listening to the strains of his flute. The magic flute it even can make all the sheep running away turned back to him.

The violet scent is in charge of guarding the King's sheep. Every morning, he took the cattle of the King to the meadow.

In the afternoon, when will return, he always pinned a flower on his hat. The flower it is a flower that is not in the King's park.

Unexpected, Princess Viola watched the flowers embedded in the violet scent hat.

The princess's daughter is very beautiful and violet scent likes to see it. Princess Viola also likes to see violet scent, because he is interested in flowers in the violet scent hat.

One the day, Princess Viola quietly out of the palace. No one saw it. He went to the meadow and see the shepherd playing the flute under a tree.

All the animals sit in an orderly manner listen to Violet scent music. Princess Viola also finally silent listening to the beautiful flute.

The Violet scent was finally conscious if Princess Viola is there. He became embarrassed and stopped playing the flute. He bowed politely to Princess Viola and keep the flute in the bag.

"Princess Viola, What I can help you? Why is Princess in the meadow by oneself? "Asked Violet scent.

"I want to have a flower like that pinned on your hat every day. Where is the flower it growth? "Asked Princess Viola firmly.

"Deep in the woods, Princess," said the little Violet scent of the shepherd. "If the Princess wants, I will pick as many as the Princess wants."

Princess Viola shook her head. "I'll pick it myself," he said. "Take me there."

"But, the place is very far away, Princess," said Violet scent. "The deeper into the forest, the more sharp bushes and shrubs."

But Princess Viola doesn't care.

"Take me now!" He commands.

The Violet scent finally complied. The little shepherd brought Princess Viola
into the forest, past the big trees and thorn bushes.

Even the branches over their heads also thorny. Those sharp thorns tearing clothes and piercing their arms so that the wound and bleed.

However, Princess Viola did not want to give up. He refused when Aroma was purple take him back.

Finally, they arrive at the meadow in the middle of the forest. The grass was thick like a carpet.

Thousands of beautiful flowers who have never seen Princess Viola before laid out beautifully.

Princess Viola even never heard a bird as beautiful as the forest. The sunshine was beautifully shining on the spot.

"It's like heaven," murmured Princess Viola.

With both hands, he pulled as many flowers as he wanted. The flowers he pulled now it meets his arm.

Even partially she left it in Violet scent purse the little shepherd. They then returned to the palace.

The return trip is just as bad with the moment of arrival earlier. They had to go through bushes and thorns again. Their clothes are torn back, and their arms are hurt by thorns.

When they arrived at the edge of the forest, nothing left except a few flower stalks.

Surprisingly, the flowers did not look beautiful and fragrance like when in the middle of the forest. When Princess Viola saw the remains of the flowers, she cried, annoyed and angry.

"Do not cry, Princess," Violet scent bliss. "I still have a bunch of flowers in my bag," he said again, pulling out a bunch of flowers from his bag.

But the flowers of Violet scent purse also less beautiful for Princess Viola. He even thought The Violet scent hides the flower field the loveliest for yourself.

"This is not the most beautiful flower!" Said the angry Princess Viola. "Where did you hide those beautiful flowers? The beautiful flower you used to put in your hat? "

"I do not hide anything," said the little shepherd. "See for yourself!" he said again while showing the contents of his bag.

In Violet scent, a bag is there nothing but a piece of bread and a flute.

Princess Viola Hand suddenly grabbed the flute and remove it from Violet scent purse.

"What is this?"

"That's the flute I played," said Violet scent. He held out his hand to take the flute again.

However, Princess Viola back down and hide the flute behind his back.

He said,

"If you do not want to tell the most beautiful flower place in the woods, I'll take this flute from you! "

That insatiable princess then ran into his castle.

What can be done Violet scent the little shepherd? He just stood up paused with a very sad heart. He cried because he felt his soul was stolen.

Now, he can never play his flute again. Nothing can make her happy again.

While crying, Violet scent stepped follow where his legs move. Now he arrived in a valley. The tears kept dripping like dew.

To this day, tears The purple fragrance can still be seen. Walking into the woods, we can see the violets in the valley. You'll see yourself into the forest to pick violet flowers from the valley. The flower comes from tears Little Violet scent of the shepherd.

The End