What Is a Bicycle Pump? Definition, Meaning and Concept

Bicycle pumps are a type of manual pumps that are capable of inflating the tires of a bicycle. Most pumps of this type are lightweight in design and can inflate a bicycle tire in a matter of minutes. The simplicity of the bicycle tire pump makes it easy to operate in almost any setting, while the relatively small size of most bicycle pumps makes them easy to store.

A bicycle pump generally comes in one of two configurations. The most common is known as the floor bike pump. This base of this pump is placed on the ground adjacent to the tire that requires inflation. The device's hose is attached to the bicycle's air valve, and a piston is moved up and down in the pump body, by means of a handle located on the top of the device. The piston draws air into the bicycle tire tube, gradually inflating the tire to the desired level.

Another common version of the bicycle pump is known as the hand pump. Like the flat model, this form of pump works by using a piston to force air through a hose and into the tire tube. The difference is that this model can be held in the hands during operation. A hand pump is often an ideal choice when going on a cross-country hike on the bike, as it is small enough to fit in a backpack or backpack with relative ease.

Both the hand and floor designs for the bicycle pump are usually equipped with a gauge that allows the current amount of air pressure inside the tire to be read. This makes it much easier to tell when the tire contains the amount of air recommended by the tire and tube manufacturer. Using the gauge to monitor air pressure while a tire is inflated will minimize the opportunity to pump too much air into the inner tube and possibly cause the tube to rupture.

Along with hand-operated pumps, there are also battery-powered versions of the bicycle pump. Such a bicycle air pump will sometimes include a safety feature that automatically cuts off the airflow in the inner tube when a certain level of pressure is reached. Pumps of this type are often preferred by people who tire easily when using a conventional bike pump, or those who compete in races and need to get back on track as quickly as possible.