Here's How to Install the Correct Car Tape

Do you like listening to music in the car while driving? If yes, then you need to know how to install car tape. In this way, listening to music or watching movies in the car will be even more exciting because there are various interesting features that make the sound produced higher quality.

Currently, many car owners make modifications to their vehicles by installing car tape. This method is usually done to get better and clearer audio quality as well as being an added value for the interior of the car.

So what exactly is a car tape and how do you install it? For complete information, make sure you don't miss the following interesting automotive tips reviews.

What Is Car Tape

Car tape or also called the head unit is the core of the car sound system which is usually located in the middle of the dashboard. Car tape is an integrated electronic package of all the features contained in it. The head unit itself consists of two types which are distinguished by size. The first is single DIN and the second is double DIN. Each type of head unit has a different function and installation method, including how to install double din car tape.

For those who don't know, DIN is a standard head unit size issued by the national organization in Germany and all car manufacturers must follow this size standard. Single DIN is usually used for older cars, while double DIN is used for newer cars by installing different car tapes at home.

Car tape is one device that will make your trip less boring with the various features provided. In this device there are various interesting features ranging from sound quality control, audio bass controller and various other interesting features. In general, an audio or tape device in a car consists of several main components, namely a sound source, a sound generator or loudspeaker and an amplifier or sound amplifier.

Head units also have various types of classes such as Low-end, Hi-end and Mid-end. The higher the class, the more complete the features offered. Not only that, each type also has a different installation method. Even so, you can still do how to install car tape at home if you have the necessary installation equipment.

Equipment for Installing Your Own Car Tape

Currently, almost all types of the latest cars are equipped with standard head units. However, if you want to get more complete features, you can upgrade the car tape according to the type you want. In addition to installing in the workshop, you can also install your own car. For how to install your own truck car tape, there are several equipment that you need to prepare, including:

1. Pry Tool

One of the most important tools needed to install car tape is the pry tool. This is a useful tool for opening a plastic car dashboard. The use of this device can prevent the dashboard from being damaged when opened. Not only that, this tool can also simplify the process of opening the car dashboard.

2. Plus and Minus Screwdriver

Other equipment that is also needed in the process of installing car tape using an adapter is a plus and minus screwdriver. A screwdriver is needed to simplify the process of installing or removing bolts and screws when you want to install car tape. The plus screwdriver is used to remove and install 4-sided flower-shaped bolts and screws. While the minus screwdriver is useful for tightening bolts and prying things.

3. Cable Connecting Tools

In the process of installing car tape, you also need cable connecting equipment. These tools include crimping tools, cutters, cables, cutting pliers, electrical insulation or shrink tubes, sockets and sockets and other tools as needed.

4. Multimeter

A multimeter is another tool needed for how to install car tape using a transformer. This tool serves to check the electrical lines on the car for the purposes of the head unit. So before starting to open and install your own car tape, make sure you know the main wiring system first.

Main Electrical Lines in Cars

To install the car tape correctly, you must first know the electrical path on the car. There are 3 main electrical lines that need to be considered, namely the +12V power line directly from the battery, the +12V power line from the ignition, and the ground or negative line. For more details about these three paths, here is the review.

1. Power Line +12v Directly from Battery

For how to attach car tape directly to the battery, you have to make sure the +12V power line directly from the battery first. This path is usually marked in yellow and is used by the head unit to store memory settings such as clocks and radio channels. The battery is usually integrated with the head unit setting so that before installing it, first check the electrical path.

2. +12v Acc Power Line from Ignition Key

This path is usually marked in red. When installing car tape at home, make sure to pay attention to the electrical path from the ignition. This is important to note because it will be used to turn on the head unit when the ignition is in the ACC position.

3. Ground or Negative Path

The ground line is marked with a black wire or you can use the car body as a contact. Before installing your own car tape, it's a good idea to first check the ground or negative path.

In addition to paying attention to the 3 electrical lines as above, when you want to do how to install a tape for a carry pick up car or other type of car from an empty state, there is no head unit and speakers, so it's better if you leave it to the experts. This is because installing the head unit from an empty state is more complicated because you have to install the speakers and pull the cable which if something goes wrong during installation, the result can be shorted and trigger a fire.

How to Install Car Tape at Home

Installing car tape does not have to be done in a special place. If you have the equipment, you can also install your own car tape at home. How to install this car tape you can do when you want to replace the old head unit with a new one. If you want to replace the car tape yourself, here are the steps.

  • Remove the old head unit from the dashboard

The first step if you want to install a new head unit is to first remove the old head unit from the car dashboard. You can use the pry tool to open the dashboard easily and avoid damage. If you are still confused, you can see a tutorial on how to remove the old head unit from the car dashboard on YouTube. This is because each type of car has a different way of removing the head unit.

  • Check Head Unit Electrical Line

Before removing, make sure you check the car's tape cable path first. Head units usually have two main sockets or jacks, namely a large socket for power lines and speakers. While the other in the form of a circle that functions as an antenna.

In addition to checking the path of the old head unit, you also need to check the electrical path of the new head unit. If the new head unit has the same socket as the new head unit, the electrical path will also be the same. That means you can use the old socket for a new head unit.

If the electrical path for installing car tape with a different adapter, then you need to cut the cable according to the appropriate path. Next, connect the power line with the new head unit. To wrap the connection, you can use electrical insulation or shrink tube.

  • New Head Unit Test

If the installation method for double DIN car tape on all electrical lines has been completed, you can test the new head unit by turning it on. This method is useful for testing the function of each speaker component whether it is functioning properly or not.

  • Install the Frame Head Unit

After making sure all the components are installed and the head unit is functioning properly, then you can reinstall the new head unit frame. Then you can use the car tape and enjoy all the features it has to offer.

Keep in mind, installing your own car tape cannot be done haphazardly. If it is wrong in the electrical path, the consequences can be fatal and cause a fire. Therefore, if you feel you still don't really know about the car's electrical path, it's a good idea to do how to install a car tape with a laptop adapter at an expert place.

How to Attach Car Tape Directly to the Battery

Before attaching car tape directly to the battery, there are several tools that you need to prepare. Some of these tools include avometer, electrical insulation, screwdrivers, insulok, and cutting pliers. When the equipment is ready, perform the following steps.

  • Open Car Dashboard

The first step of how to install car tape directly on the battery is to open the vehicle dashboard first. The trick is to remove the bolts on the dashboard of the car then take the old head unit inside. Make sure all components and cables on the head unit are not left behind.

  • Cut All Cable Paths

After the head unit is removed, then cut all the cable lines in the head unit to avoid a short circuit. You need to pay attention, the head unit has cables of various colors. Make sure you know the description of the car tape cable, the red cable is connected to the ignition, the yellow cable is direct current, while the black is the body mass ground line.

  • Track ACC current using Avometer

To install a new head unit, make sure to trace the ACC and Backup currents using the Avometer. Then continue how to install car tape at home by connecting the cable according to the input and connecting it to the voltage. During the process of installing the car tape directly to this battery, make sure to coat all the cables that have been connected using electrical insulation so they don't short circuit.

  • Head Unit Test

After all the components and electrical lines are installed properly, then you can do a test to find out whether the head unit can work properly or not. If it works well, then like how to install car tape using an adapter, don't forget to attach the head unit frame to make it more tidy.

Installing car tape directly to the battery does require a fairly complex method. However, this method can give you a car tape with more complete features. Therefore, if you want to do how to attach car tape directly to the battery, make sure you know the components and electrical lines of the head unit properly so that there is no short circuit that can cause a fire.

How to Install Car Tape with Adapter

The adapter is one of the most common electrical devices found in various electronic equipment, one of which is a laptop. The adapter is capable of converting the voltage from AC to DC so that the device can be turned on. It turns out that this device can also be used to install Avanza car tape and other types of cars.

Before installing a car tape with an adapter, first you need to make an electric voltage from the adapter device. To make a series of car tape adapters, there are several components that you need to prepare, including:

  • 12 transformer
  • Diopa
  • Capacitor
  • Adapter case

To make an adapter circuit in the way of attaching car tape to active speakers, it takes a transformer with a voltage of 12 volts. This aims to avoid power that is too large but has enough amperage in order to produce maximum power. As for the diopa, use a 20-100 ampere diode.

The capacitor to make a car tape adapter should have a power of about 10,000-40,000 uf. As for the adapter case, you can choose the type of adapter casing that you want. However, it is better to choose an adapter case made of anti-dust material so that the adapter can work optimally.

After all the components are ready, then you can immediately start the steps on how to install a carry pick up car tape with this adapter. The trick is that you only need to solder all the components. Don't forget to solder the two cables that will later be connected to the car tape.

How to install car tape using this adapter is actually not much different from attaching a truck car tape directly to the battery. It's just that this method offers more advantages when compared to using batteries. Some of the advantages include the following:

  • Lighter so you can take it anywhere
  • Car tape usage time is longer when compared to batteries
  • Can be used anywhere because the device is practical to carry anywhere
  • The cost of installing a double DIN car tape is more affordable when compared to a car battery.

Currently installing car tape using an adapter is more popular and widely used when compared to other ways. Apart from being more practical, how to install a car tape with this adapter is also more affordable than using a battery. In addition, now there are many choices of car tapes with adapters that you can find on the internet. In this way, you can get more exciting entertainment while driving in the car.

Those are some things about how to install car tape that you need to know. Having an audio device in the car can indeed be entertainment, especially when you are driving long distances. By installing a car tape, you can listen to music or watch videos with clearer sound quality. However, make sure to use the car tape wisely so as not to disturb your concentration while driving which can result in an accident.