Difference Between Emotional and Intellectual Intelligence

It is the current objective that marks the agenda of many companies: an integration of both to launch a marketing strategy aimed at selling a product or service with the best guarantees.

What is intellectual intelligence? The ability of a person to analyze situations objectively, consciously, deliberately. The ability to assimilate information and use it to solve problems. It is a genetic, cognitive capacity, marked by the intellectual quotient.

For its part, emotional intelligence refers to the skills and abilities that a person shows when it comes to regulating their feelings and those of the public they are addressing. It is the way we have to manage emotions, our subjectivity.

What guides our behavior. It is born as a child and develops throughout life.

Which is more important in marketing?

More and more authors are opting more for emotional intelligence than intellectual intelligence as the basis for success in their marketing strategy.

The application of greater emotional intelligence allows a company or company to obtain greater performance from its workers. And it is that this very subjectivity allows self-control to be able to better handle the situations that are presented to us.

Emotional intelligence is presented as a non-innate ability, but is acquired over time, according to the experiences we live.

It also allows us to find those feelings that are harmful to us, such as frustration or anger, to control them and try to change our attitude. It is intangible and is decisive for achieving professional and personal success. With emotional intelligence we can handle situations and it becomes a tool that guides us in knowing how we relate to others.

What variables are involved in intellectual intelligence?

These are the most important:

  • The ability to observe.
  • The memory.
  • The learning.
  • Social skills.

Some variables that intervene in emotional intelligence

The following stand out:

  • The honesty.
  • The loyalty.
  • The responsability.
  • The Solidarity.

Emotional intelligence can be worked on throughout life to improve it and be able to get much more out of it.