Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Renewable Energies

The advantages and disadvantages of non-renewable energies are diverse. Thus, in this article we will analyze the most relevant ones and what differentiates them from renewable energies .

In order to know in detail what the main advantages and disadvantages of non-renewable energies are, we are going to detail them.

Advantages of non-renewable energies

Renewable energies have the following advantages:

  • They are extracted from specific regions. For example, the main oil reserves are located in certain areas of the planet and many countries do not have access to them.
  • They can be stored. Unlike non-renewable energies, whose storage still has many drawbacks, non-renewable energies have more storage possibilities.
  • They produce a large amount of energy per unit of time.
  • They depend less on atmospheric phenomena. Thus, when there are storms, while renewable energies such as solar energy do not produce energy, it is possible to generate energy through fossil fuels such as coal.

Disadvantages of non-renewable energies

On the other hand, non-renewable energies have the following disadvantages or inconveniences:

  • Your reserves will run out. At a certain point, certain raw materials such as oil will run out and, therefore, it will be necessary to find an alternative.
  • Its extraction and use release greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the planet. These effects are not only noticeable on the planet, but also on the health of the population.
  • In case of spills or accidents, they can cause environmental effects of great and serious proportions for the environment and people who are kilometers around where they are extracted. The Prestige disaster is an example of this.
  • Once consumed they cannot be recovered.
  • Inappropriate planning and overexploitation cause a serious deterioration of the environment.
  • Generation of industrial waste. Which again has serious effects on the planet due to its pollution.
  • Its price will become more expensive to the extent that it is scarce .