What Is Moisture And How Is It Prevented?

What is Moisture? The word moisture means the conversion of water vapor into moisture. But dampness harms human health, the home environment and many things from furniture to clothes.

How Does Moisture Occur?

It occurs in any environment with water vapor. It can occur while showering, cooking, washing clothes, breathing and sweating. The most important reason for moisture is insulation which is not well done. The house, which is not well insulated, attracts water from the walls and is affected by the rain and natural events. Depending on the heating source, it causes humidity in the differences that may occur due to heating.

In such cases, attention should also be paid to the windows. A window that is not well-seated can create moisture between the wall and the wall. The steam in the windows occurs and can become moldy. However, moisture can occur due to the fact that moisture cannot be thrown out in very well made glasses. Sweats can be seen. In such cases, the windows should be opened frequently and ventilation should be provided inside the house. If there is a window creating moisture, thick curtains should not be chosen. Such windows should not be closed.

What Is The Best Solution To Moisture?

Isolation; If you have a problem like dampness in your home, the best thing to do in this case is exterior insulation. The walls should be well insulated so that they do not pass cold air and water. Intervention is required from outside the house to destroy moisture. If you live in an apartment, you should have it built not only in your apartment, but in the entire building. Moisture may be caused not only by walls but also by a problem on the roof. For this reason, you will also need to have the roof built. Repairing the roof will also be a big factor. The water accumulated on the roof needs to be transferred to the ground. If the problem is in place, an insulation must be made from the ground to the problems arising from the ground. The floor may need to be renewed in this regard.

How To Understand That There Is Moisture At Home?

Moisture makes an intense smell like rotten fruit or mold in closed environments. It is quite easy to understand by its smell. These scents are felt more in the wardrobe. Molds can be found on the walls and bottom of the windows. These are the cause of moisture and water vapor. In rainy weather, water can flow down the wall under the window in the form of drops. If you are going to move to a new house, you should talk to the people living in other apartments and learn whether there is moisture in the apartment.

Humidity is a problem that does not show itself in the summer and can be easily closed by painting. Moisture is seen especially in old buildings. Speak to the landlord or manager, if any, and ask if there is insulation in the building. Moisture is common on the northern facades of the houses. For this reason, you should ask about the facade while holding or buying the house.

What Should Be Done If A Solution Cannot Be Made To The Exterior?

If any intervention cannot be applied to the exterior, the solutions to be made are temporary solutions. Workarounds do not completely prevent moisture. Only effects and harms caused by moisture can be reduced.

The house should be aired frequently. The windows should be kept open and not obstructed.

- Interior facade insulation can be applied. By taking boards of appropriate thickness, the person can also make this insulation.

- By purchasing desiccant devices, it can be provided to absorb the moisture in the house. There are many types, you can choose one according to the size of your home.

-Another answer to the question of how to prevent dampness should be preferred, and anti-mold or anti- moisture paints should be preferred.

- Having many plants in the house and trying to dry the laundry in the house causes moisture. You should also keep your plants and laundry on your balconies.

- Bad honeycombs and heating systems also cause humidity. You have to check your honeycomb and heating systems and if there is a problem, they should be repaired.

How to Prevent Moisture?

There are a few small tips about how to prevent moisture. If these are done regularly, you will notice that your damp living space has changed. You should ensure that the humid environment gets air frequently. After ensuring frequent air circulation, the damp room should be cleaned with bleach. Moldy walls should be wiped with bleach. After cleaning the damp room with bleach, if you have children, you should not put it in the room for a few hours.

You should not cover the front of the honeycomb or any heating system where you heat your home with furniture. If there is a closet in the damp room, the cabinet doors should be kept open. The windows should be ventilated while they are open. The most important measure is insulation from the exterior.