How to Wash a Roller Blind?

Curtain washing operations required the use of expensive detergents. With the roller blind culture, curtain washing culture has changed. Washing these curtains is also carried out in a special way. Successful and effective execution of curtain washing processes takes place with the use of the right methods. Types of roller blinds, which are 100 percent polyester, can sometimes be produced with cotton and linen fabric options.

The first reason for not keeping dirt is the Finishing coating. A slippery appearance has occurred with this coating. According to the finish quality, it does not require cleaning for three to five years. Curtains produced with fabric material can get dirty more quickly than finishing coating curtains. How to wash roller blinds? is one of the most frequently asked questions from new people. Let's take a look at the answer to this question.

How to Wash a Roller Blind?

1- The first important point is to wash the curtain on a flat surface without folding it. The best place for this is the bathroom. Any corner of the roller blind that you lay on the tiles of the bathroom should not be bent. When you fold it, the hard coating will break and this will remain as a trace. In order to eliminate such problems completely, the roller blind should be opened in a roll form and closed in a roll form.

2- No expensive cleaning agents are required. White bar soap or hand soap will do your job. Dish soap can damage the finish as it has high irritating properties. For this reason, shampoo or liquid hand soap that does not irritate the skin should be preferred. Salt spirit, lime remover and similar materials should never be used. Wiping with ozone will damage the finish. In the category of soaps to be used, soaps that do not harm the skin should be preferred.

3- Choosing a hard sponge or brush causes irritation of the finish during rubbing. For this reason, the best choice is soft sponge. It can be used in soft pile brushes. You should not rub hard on wiping. You should perform superficial and soft wiping.

4- First, collect the curtain in the upper drum where the roller blind is collected. Do not remove roller blinds with the part mounted on the wall. Just unscrew the curtain with the pipe. This way it becomes more practical.

5- With the pipe, remove the curtain from the side.

6- On the floor whose tiles are concrete or concrete, remove the pipe and cool down. Do not hold hoses on it. You will not have done a very good cleaning with soaking . Because the finishing coating is successfully cleaned by wiping with a soapy sponge.

7- For easy rinsing, start the wiping process by gently foaming the sponge without wetting it too much. Do not press too hard as the edges are sensitive. Do the job of deleting gently. If yarn occurs from the edges, the appearance properties of the curtain begin to deteriorate.

8- Wipe the back side in the same way. Then, dry with a cloth that absorbs water well. After drying, wrap the curtain with rolling pin movement to the pipe of the roller blind. Attach the curtain to its apparatus at the top of the window and let it dry. How is the roller blind washed after this stage? The problem has been completely resolved.

9- This curtain can be wiped where it is, but a general cleaning is always necessary. There are no problems like throwing into the machine or ironing due to its surface not getting dirt.

10- The reason why these products do not want ironing is finishing. This coating ensures that the fabric always remains in an ironed state. Therefore, if the finish is damaged, roller blinds may not be used. Fabric roller blinds deform in a short time.

11- Ground issue is also very important. Clean and dirt-proof or wet-free floor should be preferred. For this reason, tiles or marble-style surfaces are healthier. It is extremely important to clean the preferred floor before cleaning.

Advantages of Roller Blind

These products, which are preferred for their ease of use, have ensured that the patterns and images at the bottom are constantly alive thanks to the finishing coating. It is easy to assemble and has easy usage features. Thanks to the rope on the side, opening and closing operations can be done easily. These products, which are preferred with blackout, pleat and pattern options, are resistant to sun rays. Finishing does not only facilitate cleaning. At the same time, it protects the curtain against the damages of the sun's rays. There are many advantages to the choice of finishing products.