How to Clean the Oven Using Carbonate?

Baking soda is a simple chemical, also known as sodium bicarbonate. You can find the natural mineral form in many different places.

With baking soda, it is possible to clean your oven using a natural product. We can say that this natural cleaner will do a surprisingly good job of cleaning your oven, and it is much cheaper than other cleaning products. There are no complex ingredients or chemicals in baking soda, so you shouldn't worry about it damaging your health.

When you mix carbonate with some water as a cleaner, you will find that you can easily remove rust stains, dirt and other layers. This material is also very effective in removing oils.

You will need:
  • -You will need a whole pack of carbonate to clean your oven thoroughly.
  • In some cases, you may need a spray bottle filled with tap water.
  • -It would be good to use a sponge or a rough cloth that you can use for cleaning.
  • To rinse the oven, a bucket or bowl of clear water and a clean sponge is required.
  • -You can use a glove to protect your nails and hands, you can keep a dustbin near you for waste.
  • Vinegar will also be effective for cleaning oven shelves.
You can follow the five steps below to clean the oven using baking soda.

1-Apply baking soda in a thick layer to your oven.

First of all, you should make sure that the oven is cold to clean your oven. Then you can remove the shelves, which you can use hot water or vinegar to clean these shelves.

After making sure that the oven is cold enough not to damage your hands, you need to apply baking soda in a thick layer, you can pour it to the bottom of the oven.

2-Soak the baking soda in the spray bottle with water.

You can wet the baking soda with the water you put in the spray bottle before, do not completely fill it with water, just squeeze on it. Tap water will do a great job.

When baking soda combines with water, it will remove food residues.

Continue to spray 3-baking soda.

Every few hours, you should spray water with a spray bottle on the baking soda and keep this area moist. Continue this process for a few hours, continue wetting with a spray bottle as it dries.

4-Cleaning the Carbonate from the Oven

Place this bucket next to the oven after placing the garbage bag in a dustbin. Take the sponge or fabric you will use to clean it. Using a cloth or sponge, clean the baking soda from the bottom of the oven and push it into the trash. Along with baking soda will also be leftovers. You can also remove the harder and stubborn stains by rubbing it with a harder material.

5-Rinse the bottom of the oven

Remove carbonate residue and stain residue from your oven using clean water and sponge. You may need to change your water several times to complete the rinse process as beautifully as possible.

Next time you make a meal in the oven, you will not smell or taste the old dishes. At the same time, your oven will work much more effectively and save energy without any leftovers or residues.