What are the causes of a hdd failure?

In many ways, the equipment is like a big appliance or a car, you can not imagine going on without it. If the hard drive fails, it is very possible that you have to face the fact of being without your equipment, at least temporarily, and you can lose valuable data. The fact is that most hard drives fail sooner or later due to one or more causes.

Use and wear

Your computer's hard drive, like many mechanical components with moving parts, is prone to wear. The older your computer is and the stronger you use it, your hard drive is closer to an eventual failure. Leaving the computer on constantly increases the wear on a hard drive considerably. If the unit is suffering from wear, the signs will be obvious, or rather, audible. The buzzing, grinding and popping are warning signs that the hard drive has seen better days and an accident is approaching.

Physical damage

Hard drives are among the most vulnerable components of your computer. Dropping the equipment can undoubtedly cause damage to the hard disk, especially if the equipment is in operation when the fall occurs. Overheating of clogged dust ducts is another source of physical damage to the hard drive. Excessive vibration can initially cause slight damage that can not even be noticed, but over time, the damage builds up, resulting in damage to files or bad sectors (unusable sections of your hard drive) and eventual hard drive failure .

Electromagnetic damage

Electromagnetic exposure of items such as your cell phone can cause damage to the hard drive. Static electricity and power surges are also common causes of damage and hard drive failure. Always connect to the ground before touching the hard drive. Even the back of the speakers can cause electromagnetic damage to your equipment. If the computer does not recognize the hard drive when attempting to boot, magnetic damage may be the culprit. In many cases, a data recovery service will be able to recover data from your disk.

Hard drive logic failure

Viruses and malicious programs can cause overwriting of the essential sectors of your hard drive, making it impossible for your computer to read data correctly or even start at all. Incorrect formatting of your hard drive is another cause of hard drive failure. Software conflicts or damage can also cause the hard drive to crash. If the computer recognizes the hard drive, but does not start, it can deal with the logical failure of the hard disk. The most likely thing is that you need a professional to recover the data of your disk in this case.