Make a simple living space: how to decorate like a minimalist - The methods on how to decorate like a minimalist are frequently sought these days. Minimalist is someone who basically lives a very decent but comfortable lifestyle. It is including the decoration and arrangement in the living space. If you like the idea of being a minimalist and you want to apply it to your house, check out these methods down below:

1.    Use Stylish Storage

Minimalists tend to avoid a storage that is too big and impractical. That is why they use stylish storage or storage furniture instead. The most common example is a bed with drawers right underneath it. The concealed drawers are useful to keep clothes and stuff. They eliminate the need to have closet or cupboard in the room. This is the best way on how to decorate like a minimalist.

2.    Play with Different Textures

Textures are important in minimalist room. Instead of adding more colors to the room, a minimalist would rather to have more textures. Different textures on the room, such as fur on the rug, beads on the couch pillow, or reclaimed wood on the wall makes the room looks more interesting without having to add more colors or furniture in it.

3.    Decorate with Plants

Instead of artwork, a minimalist would rather to go back to something really natural and really basic for the room decorations. They tend to choose plants. Whether it is a rather large and tall plants on pots or smaller succulent plants that can be placed on a desk, they go well as decorations.

It is now quite clear that there are numerous ways to do in order to make a living space looks  neat and minimalist, you can start doing it form now on. Having a minimalist house keeps everything simple, including the upkeep. You do not have to pay for a lot of money for that. This is why everyone should really know about how to decorate like a minimalist.

Make a Simple Living Space: How to Decorate Like a Minimalist