What to Do When You Hate Your Job but Want to Be Successful and Happy

There is nothing more depressing or making you feel more unhappy than having a job that you hate or don't feel comfortable in. That despair you feel when it is Sunday and you know that the next day you have to get up early to go to a job where you don't feel well or where you have difficult… Continue to read

10 Things to Do if You Hate Your Job but Can't Quit

Very few of the lucky ones have figured out how to get paid for something they love, and that they can call it "employment. But most people (unfortunately) hate their jobs . They feel trapped in a jail they have to return to every morning and cannot escape. The bills for the house, the food, the … Continue to read

5 Psychological Tips to Work From Home Efficiently

Teleworking is an increasingly common practice, especially after the crisis experienced worldwide by the COVID-19 pandemic. But working from home has a series of effects that not everyone experiences the same and that can have certain repercussions on several levels, including psychological. Therefo… Continue to read

6 Tips to Be Happy at Work : Most People Are Not Comfortable in Their Job. Let's Change That!

Exist many companies that care about the well-being of their employees and, even if only to improve worker performance and productivity of the organization, they apply policies that make the workplace not all bad. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that do absolutely nothing for the work… Continue to read

How to Know if Your Workers Are Burned

" The great competitiveness and job insecurity as well as the demands of the environment, the transcendental changes with new technologies and the current accelerated pace of work, have taken on an incessant rhythm that generates anguish, emotional exhaustion and disorders in eating, physical a… Continue to read

Happiness at Work. It's Possible?

" I am not happy in my work ..." " My work no longer motivates me ..." " I do not want to go to work …" These phrases seem familiar to us, right? Many of us have said them at some point, or quite a few, it depends on the situation of each one and the work circumstances we have… Continue to read

Emotional Intelligence in Confinement

We know we should be at home. What at first were going to be a few days, has become a longer confinement than expected by all. We begin this situation with an initial state of surprise, of confusion. We had to suddenly adapt, reorganize ourselves. See how our plans and projects were paralyzed indefin… Continue to read

What is Work Psychology?

Work Psychology To better understand what work psychology is, we have to pay attention first to the definition of psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behavior, understanding as behavior what people do, think and feel. In this sense, work psychology is the part of psyc… Continue to read