Fasilitas yang Diharapkan Di Perusahaan Sekarang Ini Adalah

Para karyawan ataupun pekerja kala ini tidak lagi memeriksa sekedar gaji dari perusahaan. Para karyawan akan melihat sarana lainnya yang disampaikan oleh perusahaan tersebut. Ada sebagian fasilitas kerja yang dicari mayoritas job seeker. 1. Pelayanan Kesehatan serta Kesejahteraan     Survei mencatat b… Continue to read

Daftar Perusahaan Di Jababeka Kawasan Industri

Daftar nama perusahaan di kawasan industri jababeka - Kata Jababeka yaitu akronim ataupun singkatan dari Jawa Barat - Bekasi. Suatu paduan dari sebutan Kabupaten Bekasi sebagai area kawasan industri itu dikembangkan, juga restu yang dicapai dari pemerintah provinsi Jawa Barat. Sebagai langkah awal, … Continue to read

Socio-Psychological Training to Enhance the Use of Conflict Resolution Strategies

Sociopsychological Training has the objective of promoting the contingent use of Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Board of Directors of a technical services organization located in Villa Clara province, Cuba. In contacts with the Management of this organization, the interest of the same in add… Continue to read

Hawthorne Effect: What It Is, Phases and Examples

The Hawthorne effect is named after the same factory as the Western Electric Company of Hawthorne, Illinois (United States). At the beginning of the last century, the psychologist and sociologist Elton Mayo carried out a series of studies on the influence of the environment on productivity. During … Continue to read

Selection of Human Resources: Experience in an Organization

The objective of this work is to design a Human Resources Selection system for the clerk cashier job at kiosks and points of sale in a supermarket chain. The sample for the job was made up of: Eighteen sales cashiers; Three managers selected from being directly linked to this job through the chain … Continue to read

How to Go Back to Work After the Holidays

You didn't get up at seven in the morning. You didn't take the kids to school before going to the office. And you weren't coming home later than expected due to traffic. The only downside to vacations is that they end, and after enjoying the waves, lounging, movies, and partying, gettin… Continue to read

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Work Stress. Intervention Techniques in the Prevention of Occupational Risks

The purpose of this work is to try to make a contribution on my part to the great debate in the world of work about one of the causes or psychosocial factors that have the greatest influence on the production of Work Accidents, and considered one of the worst diseases of the XXI century, what is wo… Continue to read