Meaning of dreaming about turtles

If you have recently seen a movie or series in which animals appeared, it is very common that you can dream about them that night. But the same happens if you see specific friends, you are maintaining a type of relationship with someone, be it good or bad or you are living a peculiar situation for … Continue to read

Meaning of the color purple in psychology

Purple is an intense color resulting from the union of red and blue and represents the conjunction of the force of the first with the stillness of the second. This color, in effect, is the result of the mixture of two contrasting, almost opposite tones, a characteristic that gives it a multitude of… Continue to read

Primary emotions: what are they, types and functions

Human beings can feel a multitude of emotions. Among these there are some that are considered primary, which depending on the author are five or seven. They are considered primary because they are automatic states of mind that fulfill an adaptive function in different situations. Normally these emo… Continue to read

Meaning of the color green in psychology

If we think that colors cannot affect, and therefore affect, our existence, we make a serious mistake. Let's just think about the traffic light: who would pass with a red light? Just an unconscious. The interruption of the red light is a convention among men, a mere formality, but it would be i… Continue to read

What is life anguish and how to overcome it

Vital anxiety, also known as neurotic anxiety, is considered one of the most disabling phobias. It consists of a constant fear of being attacked at any moment. In addition, this fear is reflected in the body in some way: headache, difficulty in breathing, lack of balance, urge to vomit or sweating,… Continue to read

What is the Matthew Effect in Psychology

Various analyzes, carried out on a large scale in baseball and soccer, show that a statistically very high percentage of excellent players (youth nationals, professionals) were born in the first months of the year. Also the representative of Spain world champion 2010 and of Europe in 2008 and 2012 … Continue to read

Dysmorphophobia: What It Is, Characteristics and How to Overcome It

Dysmorphophobia is also known as body dysmorphic disorder. Specifically, it is the belief of a person that they have a physical defect or that a physical defect is more serious than it really is. Sometimes this defect is imagined. It is a fairly common disorder, although it is not known exactly how… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of Mice?

Have you ever woken up with a start after having a dream about mice? Dreaming of this animal is not usually the reflection of something positive, but rather of a negative reality that invades us every day. Worries, misunderstandings with friends and family, anguish, phobias, or staying in daily con… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of a House?

Although it may seem otherwise, dreams are more important than we can be giving them, because dreaming is interpreting the reality that we live every day and our most frequent feelings, emotions and thoughts. On many occasions, these dreams may be negative, it is what we know as nightmares, but oth… Continue to read

Brontofobia: What Is It, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

If every time there is a storm you are afraid to go out or startled when you hear thunder, you may have brontophobia. Brontophobia is the fear of thunder and lightning, that is, of storms. Why is a person afraid of storms? Can that affect your life a lot? How do you get rid of the fear of tornadoes… Continue to read

Phagophobia or Fear of Choking: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Is it normal not to be able to swallow because of anxiety? Phagophobia is an irrational fear of choking. This fear can reach the point that the person who suffers from it avoids consuming solid foods and therefore ends up putting their life at risk. In the most serious cases, you even avoid swallow… Continue to read

How to lose the shame?

Surely on many occasions you have not dared to carry out any activity for fear of what they will say if you do it wrong or if you make a fool of yourself. It is a feeling of loss of dignity, and of fear of being humiliated. The origin of the feeling of shame is in our survival instinct. In the old d… Continue to read

How To Combat Demotivation?

Demotivation is a feeling or feeling of blockage and inability to move forward and carry out a certain activity. To understand it better, we must remember that motivation is the set of events, processes and mechanisms that help a person to elaborate, create, imagine and produce something. Therefore… Continue to read

Meaning of Body Postures

Studies on the relationship between posture and personality are not many. However, it is well known that the extent to which one changes position in the presence of others is an element that provides information about the level of self-esteem of the person, of extraversion or introversion, or even … Continue to read

Naturalistic Intelligence: What Does It Consist of and What Is It For?

What is naturalistic intelligence and what is it for? What relationship does it have with nature? What famous people could we say had it very developed? Find out! Thanks to the psychologist and pedagogue Howard Gardner, we were able to know that there was not only one type of intelligence, but rathe… Continue to read

What Does It Mean to Dream of Fire?

Has it happened to you that during your dreams, you have witnessed a fire? Dreaming of fire is quite common and it does not mean that you are a bad person or that you can become an arsonist, that is, a person who enjoys starting fires anywhere. Like this and many others, dreams have a deep meaning … Continue to read

What Is Self-Indulgence and Examples

We cannot repeat ourselves how fantastic we are in situations in which, in effect, we do not shine: the best we can do is accept ourselves that way, with our strengths and weaknesses. Researchers define this ability as "self-indulgence," which means being forgiving of yourself. However, w… Continue to read