How to Practice Informal Mindfulness?

Did you know that informal mindfulness can be integrated into your day to day and thus practice mindfulness? We tell you how to do it. Both informal and formal mindfulness constitute a strategy that promotes mindfulness.Through various meditation techniques, the ability to be present in the "he… Continue to read

I Have Everything, but I'm Not Happy: Why Does It Happen?

You have it all, but still you are not satisfied and even less happy. For what is this? In reality, everything you have will not guarantee your satisfaction. True happiness requires being good with yourself. We analyze it. I have everything, but I am not happy. I have all those things that should ma… Continue to read

There Are Three Types of Selfishness and Two of Them Are Healthy

Egoism is inherent to the human being and cannot be classified as intrinsically bad or undesirable, since by itself it has a biological and social meaning. In addition, in many cases it can also inspire agreements that have repercussions in favor of the community or the other. There are three types … Continue to read

"Get Over It Now, Life Goes on", a Phrase That Hurts

"Cheer up, life goes on!" Expressions like these show that our society still does not understand or leave space for such harsh realities as depression or grief. Because time, for those who are suffering, remains stagnant ... "Get over it now, life goes on and you can't always be l… Continue to read

Empathic Concern: I Feel What Happens to You

Empathic concern is the component of empathy that predisposes us to help others. It is undoubtedly a great quality, but what consequences can a high empathic concern have? Here we tell you. In general, most of us have an innate tendency to care about others that is favored by learning certain social… Continue to read

Isolating Ourselves Makes Us More and More Lonely

Being alone is healthy and restorative. However, if we take this enjoyment to the extreme, later reestablishing interactions will become more difficult, since in this distancing we may have burned some of the bridges that united us with the people with whom we had the most trust. When you think of a… Continue to read

Luck Has More to Do With Intelligence Than Chance

Is luck chance? Can we condition luck in some way? Why do some people seem to have been born with a kind of star and others starry? Is everything independent or unconditional by us? We will try to answer by following some of the latest studies. Chance is present from the moment we are born: we do no… Continue to read

What Is Adaptability?

Adaptation is movement, it is change and, above all, flexibility. The art of adapting to change doesn't have to be traumatic; what's more, the benefits we get from that process can be extraordinary. Adapt or die." Many of us have grown up with that mantra, with the idea that faced with … Continue to read

How to Develop Self-Awareness

Few dimensions are more important than knowing ourselves, understanding ourselves and being aware of everything that happens in the complex but fascinating room of our mind. Being self-aware is a guarantee of well-being. We explain how to achieve it. Self-awareness is an essential life tool to achie… Continue to read

Signs That You Are Too Hard on Yourself

Self-demand does not always lead to excellence. Sometimes it leads to depression or an anxiety disorder. Avoid treating yourself too harshly and take these indicators into account to avoid reaching counterproductive limits. Self-demand. Upset at the error. Constant self-criticism ... Noticing the si… Continue to read

The 7 Types of Personal Crisis

Personal crises are times of growth. They help us to wake up in some ways and calm and patience in others. Today we want to review the different origins they can have. Throughout life, we all go through personal crises . Each person experiences them differently, being sensitive to their individual c… Continue to read

Expect the Worst So as Not to Be Disappointed

Expecting the worst so as not to be disappointed, as a system defense strategy, hides a deep fear of being harmed. Now, what real effects does adopting this attitude have? Disappointments are part of our life. But sometimes they hurt so much that we may think that it is better to hope for the worst … Continue to read

The 5 Investments That Guarantee Well-Being

The decisions that we make in the economic sphere have repercussions beyond the sphere itself; affecting our self-esteem, our confidence or the opportunities that we decide or not to take advantage of. Money is a scarce resource. On the other hand, in recent decades consumerism has taken over the de… Continue to read

Having Compassion for Yourself - Why Is It Important?

Having compassion for yourself doesn't make you weaker; on the contrary, it strengthens you. Because if you learn to treat yourself with kindness, if you forgive yourself when you need it and learn to speak with affection, you will be able to better deal with the difficulties and complexities o… Continue to read

Self-Leadership: the Art of Achieving Your Dreams

Before leading others, we must have taken control of our lives. Orienting our thoughts, emotions and behaviors in balance and intelligence towards well-being and personal goals is the key to success. Self-leadership is the art of intentionally influencing our thoughts and emotions. It involves direc… Continue to read

How Do You Know When to Trust Your Intuition?

Do you know when to listen to your intuition? There is a region in the brain that is responsible for what we call hunches and it is very powerful. Do you know where it is? The busyness of everyday life can make it difficult to carry out any kind of spiritual guidance. When we plan everything we are … Continue to read