Here's How to Correctly Use the Cruise Control Feature

The main function of Cruise Control is to keep the vehicle at the desired speed, without the need to press the gas pedal. The ECU has an additional function to continuously monitor and adjust the speed, according to the driver's wishes. Speed ​​also adjusts the contours of the road. When set at 100 km/h, either in an uphill or downhill state, the speed is kept constant.

But there are still many ordinary drivers who don't know how it works. I don't even understand how to activate cruise control. There must also be a cruise control car owner who has never used it at all. In fact, if you understand its use, surely the feeling of driving comfort will increase. Especially when traveling long distances on the freeway. Your feet can be free from fatigue. Provided, know the right steps and safe to operate it. Here's a guide to using cruise control on your car.

  • Know the Buttons and Symbols First, you must understand how to activate and deactivate it first. The cruise control symbol is generally a circle depicting the speedometer. Generally the buttons are on the steering wheel. Some have added the words LIM or just CRUISE. When pressing the button, an indicator lights up on the instrument panel. But the cruise control has not actively restrained the speed. The Cruise button is followed by the “+” and “-“ buttons. One of them also coincides with the "Set" function to activate cruise control. When pressed, the speed is immediately maintained even though the gas pedal is released. Use the "+" and "-" buttons earlier, to increase and decrease the desired speed. If you want to turn off cruise control, press the "cancel" button. You can also step on the brake or gas pedal.
  • Get to know the type of Cruise Control Cruise control is the most standard in mainstream cars, only limited to maintaining and setting the speed limit. More sophisticated systems can be found in premium class cars. There is a so-called Adaptive Cruise Control, which makes the car automatically adjust the speed according to the flow of traffic. Devices in the system of course increase, such as radar, cameras and sensors. Stay Alert and Don't Trust Too Much in Automated Car Systems. But vigilance should not diminish. Feet should always be ready so as not to be too late to brake. Hands are also alert without the slightest loosening of vigilance. Don't trust technology too much either. After all, systems are programmed by humans. Malfunctions may occur.
  • Appropriate Use on Toll Roads To note, Cruise Control can not be used at all speed levels. Generally, this feature can only be activated after the speed is above 30 -50 kph (depending on the vehicle model). The most fitting use on the freeway or toll roads. It is also possible on ordinary highways, provided the conditions are quiet without many other vehicles or pedestrians. Of course the atmosphere is difficult to find. Moreover, its use is not long if you often meet intersections. Likewise on toll roads. A quiet and long road is perfect for activating cruise control. As long as you're consistent on the track, you'll be relaxed and your feet can take a break from the pedals. But still have to be vigilant to avoid things that are not desirable. When the traffic starts to get busy, it's a good idea to immediately disable the system. Do not activate cruise control in slippery road conditions.

What is Cruise Control? Check out the Features, How it Works, & Its Functions!

Cruise Control is the latest feature that is currently almost owned by the latest SUVs. Cruise control is considered to be an efficient solution for long-distance drivers, especially if they have to drive at night .

However, how important is its role in supporting a driver's driving experience? Is Crusie Control safe to use in Indonesia? In this Carsome article, we will discuss all about cruise control, complete with all the features, how it works, its functions, and car recommendations!

What is Cruise Control?

Cruise control is a new technology that has begun to be widely used in several cars with the latest types of output. Cruise control itself has the main function to regulate the speed of the car engine so that it can remain stable without requiring a foothold on the gas pedal.

That way, the driver can maintain a constant speed while driving. Cruise control is also commonly known as speed control or autocruise.

Full Features of Cruise Control

This feature of cruise control was originally widely used for cars in countries that are very compliant with speed restrictions on the highway. By using the cruise control feature , the driver is indeed able to make the vehicle speed remain stable throughout driving.

With cruise control , riders can also feel a moment of foot relaxation because they don't have to step on the gas pedal continuously. Cruise control itself usually has a limit for a minimum speed of around 60 km / h. If the minimum speed limit has been met, the cruise control feature will be activated automatically.

Cruise Control Development

The technology and features of cruise control are currently growing. One of them is adaptive cruise control. This feature is equipped with a sensor that uses laser technology.

This laser sensor will be able to detect the distance with other vehicles that are located in front of the car. So, if the distance is too close, the car will apply the brakes to avoid a collision. One example of a car that already has this technology is an average Hybrid car such as the Nissan Kicks E-Power.

Functions of Cruise Control

As holding the gas pedal while driving on the highway.

Keeping the speed or speed of the car to remain stable.

Can reduce fatigue and soreness in your feet, especially when driving on a straight road for a long time.

Can save more on car fuel because the speed tends to be more stable.

How Cruise Control Works

In Indonesia itself, the cruise control feature is usually used by car drivers at a speed range of 60 to 80 km per hour. The speed of 60 km / h itself was chosen because it is the minimum speed that can be used when driving on the freeway.

When you want to activate the cruise control feature , you only need to press the cruise control button which is usually located at the bottom of the steering wheel. Press the button downwards to activate it when your car's speed is already in the range of 60 km/hour.

Once the feature is activated, the MID screen on your car will display the cruise control logo . If you have set the speed and select SET on the button earlier, the cruise control feature will go automatically according to the previously set speed.

If after that you want to decrease or increase speed, you can simply press the option button found on the cruise control . Then if you want to disable cruise control , you can simply step on the brake pedal on the car.

Recommended Car with Cruise Control

Cars with Cruise control features are now starting to be widely available in the automotive market at various prices. Possibly in the future in the era of hybrid and electric cars, this cruise control feature will become a permanent feature on all cars. For now, here are a variety of recommendations and choices of cars with cruise control features for you!

1. DFSK Glory 580

A powerful performance engine with a capacity of 1800 cc. An SUV with a capacity to accommodate 7 passengers. Equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission. There are also those that are marketed with a 6-speed manual turbo and luxury CVT. This car is considered to have a competitive price with attractive designs, facilities, and features.

2. Honda HR-V

Driving becomes more comfortable and safe with a dashing and sporty design making this crossover much in demand in the market. Equipped with 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter SOHC I-VTEC + DBW engines, this car can be driven on all terrains.

3. Wuling Almaz

Wuling Almaz is a medium SUV car from China that has a strong engine performance. This car is known as a Smart & Technology SUV and is equipped with a good security system.

4. Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is one of the variants of the Kona Electric which has a battery capacity of 39.2 kWh and is able to cover a distance of up to 345 kilometers. This electric Kona has a battery capacity of 64 kWh. This electric car is known as a sport utility vehicle.

5. Nissan X-Trail

This type of SUV has a capacity of 2488 cc with quite a lot of enthusiasts to date. Both the interior and exterior of this car are known to have quality stability that is qualified and premium. The sporty and luxurious impression of this car is also equipped with the technology in it.

Safe Ways to Use Cruise Control

Apart from the various advantages and conveniences, the cruise control feature should not be used arbitrarily. So even though this feature automates the control of the gas pedal, you still have to concentrate while driving. Here's how to use the cruise control feature properly:

1. Use Only on Lonely Toll Roads

Why is that? If you are traveling this Ramadan, avoid using cruise control on busy roads. Even on the toll road, you still have to pay attention to the crowds. Cruise control is an automated feature. So the tendency to brake when there is sudden braking will be difficult. So, this feature will not be suitable for you to use with the aim of saving fuel.

2. Avoid using it when it's drizzling

Very drizzle, light rain, avoid driving too fast. Especially if you drive on a cornering road, then avoid using this cruise control feature . This is because the road is slippery, when the drizzle of rain water wets the dusty road, so the road layer still feels more slippery. Compared to when it rains heavily, of course the roads will clear quickly.

3. Stay Alert

Even though the function of this feature is fully technological, you still need to be fully vigilant. Avoid things that are not desirable, make sure to keep your eyes on the front. Then, your feet are not caught off guard to immediately brake if something happens. Malfunctions can happen to avoid things like this, do regular car maintenance before you want to travel long distances such as car tune-ups .

Here it is all about Cruise Control and its use in cars. Remember to keep a safe distance while driving. Pay close attention to the terrain while driving, yes! Prone to accidents are everywhere, so understand the traffic signs properly and correctly.