Differences between a normal car and a racing car

Have you ever wondered how a normal car differs from a racing car? You may see quite a few similarities from the outside, but maybe there are things that you are missing. For that reason, today... we want you to know some of the most outstanding differences.

You clearly know that a racing car is not designed for you to go with it to do the shopping or to enjoy a getaway. For that you already have the used cars and you can even bet on renting, a modality that is increasingly in demand. But let's what interests us. What does a race car have that your car doesn't ? Well, these are some differences...

A racing car is not painted

Your normal car is painted either white, black, red, etc. However, when you see a racing car, do not think that the color it has is due to the paint. In reality it is a vinyl lettering for the simple fact that this weighs less and, in addition, it is also applied in an easier way. Did you know that paint can add up to 5 kilos to a vehicle?

Although those 5 kilos may not seem important for your normal car, for a racing car they can significantly influence its speed. The less it weighs, the more speed it can reach and, therefore, everything is thought of, even the paint. Maybe you thought these cars were painted, but now you know the truth and the reasons.

In a normal car there is no safety cage

Another difference between a normal car and a racing car is that there is not going to be a safety cage in your private car. This is welded inside the vehicle and is intended to maintain the structure of the car and to protect the driver in the event of an accident. This is important, as speeds of more than 350 km/h can be reached with a racing car.

In this way, thanks to this cage, a racing car remains almost unchanged when it overturns, rolls over or collides with something . Safety is paramount and that is why you may have been surprised at times that in car racing in most accidents the racers come out unscathed. It's because of the cage.

There is less detail in a racing car

The sporty exterior, those wheels or the rear spoiler can make you doubt the veracity of this statement. However, it is true. A race car removes any unnecessary detail. The dashboard is changed for a simpler one, the seats that in your normal car will be elegant in a racing car are simpler and made of carbon fiber , light and, yes, almost indestructible...

The crystals are also plastic windows, so if you look closely, a racing car has quite a few differences from a normal car. It is designed for racing and its aesthetic, so sporty, is the result of a very precise aerodynamic study so that the car runs faster and is more stable. On the track, all of this can make the difference between winning or losing, so it's very important.

Did you know all these differences between a normal car and a racing car? Perhaps you have been surprised and thought that a racing car was the best when, in reality, it is simpler, lighter and has a very unaesthetic cage inside. But it is that this car is not designed for everyday life, but to race and win.