Differences between cars and tractors

While the tractor is the main work tool for millions of professionals in the field, the car is the most common means of transport in the world. For a viewer outside the agricultural world, a tractor can be a crude, heavy and clumsy element; a slow and noisy vehicle used to pull trailers and work the fields. And he would not be wrong in part, but what is not so obvious is that tractors are much more complex than they appear to the naked eye to a non-user and, in addition, they can have a significantly higher amount of technology than any other. car.


Broadly speaking, the mechanics of a car is similar to that of a tractor. However, there are notable differences when comparing two models from the same range.


The weight


The towing capacity of a tractor is largely determined by its weight. Thus, while car manufacturers struggle to find ways to make vehicles lighter, tractors sometimes tend to pack on the pounds to increase their towing capacity. One need only think that the weight of a tractor can easily be measured in tons.


The motor


A tractor engine is much larger and heavier than a car engine. This, in addition, has a significantly higher capacity, more than twice the number of liters in general. This is due in part to the fact that both vehicles use their power for very different purposes; While the car uses it to increase its speed and starting or response capacity, the tractor uses it to work, to be able to plow or pull large trailersand implements.


The broadcast


This element is responsible for carrying, transmitting, the power of the engine to the wheels and can be controlled by gears or speeds. A car can have up to 6 speeds, five front and one rear. By contrast, a tractor can easily rack up close to sixty front and rear. The reason for this is that the tasks performed by an agricultural vehicle can be very varied and usually require a very specific speed.


Traction and tires


Although there are cars with four-wheel drive, the most common is to find them with only two driving wheels. In the field, however, four-wheel drive is used. In this way, a tractor can select whether it wants all four wheels or only two of them to receive power from the engine. Also, when working with simple traction, a tractor usually uses the rear wheels while in a car it is the front ones that move.


Tractor tiresare also noticeably different. To begin with, its size is striking, it can easily reach the height of a man. In addition, there are all the large studs that cover it and that have the role of digging deeper into the earth to increase resistance; a totally different paper than the drawings of the wheels of a car.


The breaks


When a car brakes, all the wheels stop at the same time. On the contrary, a tractor has two brakes, one for the left side and one for the right. These brakes can act together or separately, and the reason for this is that this stopping system allows for better maneuvering when working in the field.


Tractor technology


At first glance, any driver of modern cars might think that they have much more technology than a mid-range tractor, but they would be wrong. The amount of work carried out by a tractor, together with the precision that many of these require and the technical innovations of recent times, mean that farm vehicles have a quantity of technology that far exceeds that of any car. This is one of the reasons why the priceof tractors is sometimes so high.


Tractors and cars are, in short, vehicles with a large number of differences that come, in most cases, from the different use that is given to one and the other.