Why Is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air? Check These 5 Sections

Car air conditioners should make the cabin cool, not the other way around. But there are cases where the car air conditioner actually makes the temperature in the cabin feel hotter.

This situation can occur because there is an error in the cooling system. So instead of spitting out cold air, the AC actually blows hot air. As a result, the car feels like a walking spa room.

There are several reasons why the car air conditioner is not working properly. Well, here are some parts that you can suspect as the cause.

1. Ac Freon Is Leaking

If your car's air conditioner is blowing hot air, chances are that the freon in the air conditioner is low. Freon absorbs heat from inside the car, making the car interior cooler.

When the freon is reduced due to a leak, the air conditioner does not have enough power to carry out its cooling function. The problem in identifying this leak is due to the nature of the freon.

In AC it is a liquid. However, when there is a fault in the pipe it flows through, freon comes out as a gas which makes it difficult to pinpoint the location of the leak

The most common place where freon can leak is the hose connection in the air conditioner. Leaks can also be found in the evaporator, condenser, and compressor.

So that the detection can be more certain, the owner can bring the car to be checked by an expert technician.

2. Problems with the Electrical System

When all the electrical components of the car are working properly, it will provide the power needed to run the car air conditioner and provide cool air in the car.

However, if there is a problem with an electrical component, the system will turn off the power to certain components to prevent further damage so as not to endanger the car and passengers.

While securing this system helps to help protect the car, it also means that a malfunction such as a blown fuse can cause the air conditioner to stop working properly.

Car owners need to check all the wires in the AC system for damage, even to the fuse box. If damage is found, then the damage must be repaired.

3. Dirty Condenser

Car AC condenser has the role of maintaining the circulation of freon from liquid form to gas form. When the condenser has a problem, don't be surprised if the car owner is actually greeted with hot air from the AC.

When inspecting the air conditioner condenser, check to see if the ventilation openings are blocked by dirt or particles from the road that have accumulated. Dirt or particles can inhibit good air circulation.

However, if no blockage is found in the condenser vent, switch the check to the condenser copper pipes. Check to see if any copper pipes are compressed and blocking the free flow of freon.

One of these things can happen due to an accident or impact on the fender or bumper of the car. It could also be due to particles from the road that were ejected and hit the pipes.

4. Compressor Lacks Lubrication

The compressor plays a crucial role in the operation of the car air conditioner. If this component is damaged, then the freon cannot move through the system and the interior of the car feels far from cold.

One of the factors causing damage to the compressor is that the car has not been used for a long time. Another predictable factor is the lack of lubricant.

Compressors rely on lubricants to keep their parts moving. If the required lubricant is not sufficient due to leakage or contamination, the compressor will work in trouble.

5. Broken Fan

The fan and compressor work together to dissipate heat. However, if the fan does not rotate at the optimal speed required, hot air in the interior of the car is a consequence.

This fan is not the most robust component in the vehicle. Therefore, try to check if you see cracks formed due to the impact of particles from the road.

Another factor that can cause problems with the fan is the electrical system. In some cases, vehicle owners are required to replace the fan with a new one. Sometimes, the help of a qualified technician is also needed to deal with this.