Why Are My Car Windows Fogging Up on The Outside When the AC Is On? Check This!

Foggy outside of the car when the AC is on is a problem that can't be avoided. When the temperature outside the car turns out to be colder than inside the cabin, the dew will appear by itself. The fastest way that is usually done is to lower the temperature of the air conditioner to make it cooler. Unfortunately that's not the best way.Cause the AC is not coldand damaged usually due to too often raising and lowering the temperature of the air conditioner, the air conditioner compressor can be damaged because of this. Yes, even if the air conditioner temperature has been lowered, dew may still be on the AutoFamily car windshield. So that Auto Tips can find solutions to problems that can be considered quite disturbing, see the summary below.

Causes of the Car's Outer Glass Fogging When the Ac Is On

There are several causes of the car's outer glass fogging when the AC is on. Among others:

Just Turn on the Ac Blower

You only turn on the car air conditioner blower when it's raining because it's too cold. However, dew can still appear because the cabin is basically still hotter than the temperature outside the car.

Problems with Ac

Even if you have turned on the air conditioner at a cold temperature but still appears dew, it means there could be a problem in the car's cooling system. The cold air conditioner should minimize the appearance of dew.

The Ac Is Too Cold

Dew on the outside of the car can also occur because the air conditioner is too cold. Take a look at the night bus. Surely you can see the dew that appears. Of course, that's because the air conditioner installed is too cold so the temperature is lower than outside the bus cabin. So you could say, dew can not only appear because the cabin temperature is hotter than outside. But it can also be the other way around.

The Solution to the Problem of Dew When the Ac Is On

There are several ways you can do in order to get the most appropriate solution to this problem. Like:

Opening the Side Glass

The first way you can do is open the side window of the car. This method is considered more effective than choosing to lower the temperature of the air conditioner to make it cooler. So the perceived results will be more visible.

Wipe Glass with Cloth

For the inner glass that is fogged up, you can wipe it with a cloth. Regardless of the type of fabric, although it is recommended that it is able to absorb liquids. But if it doesn't exist, it's not a mandatory thing. If the outer glass is fogged up, especially the front and back, then you can clean it with a wiper. Don't forget to spray washer water because the liquid soap in it is quite helpful. car glass beretIt could be because you are using a dirty cloth. For that use a clean chamois and use a special liquid for glass. So the beret didn't happen.

Use Defogger

If your car has a defogger feature, you should make the most of this technology. Defogger is a technology to remove condensation on the rear windshield of a car. This feature works by heating the windshield thanks to the striped wire that has been attached to the rear windshield. So from a safety perspective, you can still get good visibility when looking at the center mirror.The outside of the car is fogged when the AC is on is not an event that you can avoid. But when this problem appears, you've got a solution to clean it with some of the ways above.