What Should I Keep in the Car for Emergencies? Definition, Meaning and Concept

Of course, we never want our car to break down, especially if that puts us in any kind of emergency situation. However, it is something we should all be prepared for should it happen. Although a cell phone and auto club membership are a good start, keeping a few basic items in the car for emergencies can often make a big difference in surviving the emergency and maintaining at least some comfort during the ordeal.

WATER: It is extremely important to have drinking water in the car for emergencies, especially in hot weather, but it is necessary at any time of the year. People can survive much longer without food than without water. Be sure to keep enough water for the whole family, as well as water to use if the engine overheats.

FOODS: The best emergency food to keep in the car at all times is high-energy food bars. Look for ones that provide an entire day's calories in a single bar. These survival food bars are designed to fill you up and reduce thirst. The problem with keeping real food in vehicles is that food tends to spoil quickly when stored in cars. What you can do is keep a supply of foods like canned beans and canned fruit, with a manual can opener and eating utensils, in the car for emergencies and keep replacing foods before they go bad or spoil.

BLANKETS – Two types of blankets should be kept in the car for emergencies. A foil energy blanket is typically packed to take up very little space and can offer much-needed warmth for those stranded in a cold car that won't start, especially at night when the temperature can drop to dangerous levels. Look to emergency foil bags instead of blankets as they can really keep you warm! You should also have some fleece blankets in your car as fleece keeps you warm even when wet. Wool blankets can even be wrapped around the body and used as clothing, if needed.

CLOTHING: A few inexpensive pairs of gloves and some knit hats can be great to have in an emergency. A lot of body heat is lost through the head and stretch gloves can add an extra level of wind protection. A hooded rain poncho is a great item to keep in the car in an emergency, as it can be worn over clothing if you need to change a tire in the rain. A spare fleece jacket, and maybe sweatpants too, for each member of the family is a nice addition to the hats and gloves. You can wear loose, soft clothing to add extra layers of warmth or use it as a makeshift pillow, if needed.

OTHER SUPPLIES: Emergency flares and a first aid kit are good items to have in the car in an emergency. A large flashlight and shovel are other great items to have. You should always think about the particular weather conditions and the areas you drive in so you can assess what your emergency needs would be.