What Is Top of Mind? Definition of Top of Mind, Top of Mind Meaning and Concept

The concept of top of mind (or top-of-mind awareness, abbreviated TOMA) refers to the place that brands occupy in the mind. It could be translated as first in mind.

This English expression refers to the first brand that comes to mind when we relate it to a certain situation. For example, in some places the expression “pass me the Kleenex” is used, since this brand is the first option that appears in the brain, when in reality what one could say is pass me the tissues, which is the generic option. This happens in many places with brands that have managed to be the first thing on our minds when we think of an object. They are at the top of our minds.

This means that this brand has positioned itself effectively in the mind, it is the first recurring option when something related occurs that makes one think of the use of tissues.

Tips for a brand to position itself as the first option

Here are some recommendations to make it the first thing that appears in the consumer's mind:

  • Conduct market research . Previously, it is important to know the brands that are booming in the market, the first one pronounced by the audience, and to know the valuation they have with which they work. This will serve to give ideas, and guidelines on how we have to start shaping a positioning strategy.
  • Create a positive first impression: You have to work to ensure that the first impression has an effective impact on the audience. It is a way to start introducing the brand among users and make it recognizable.
  • Star value of the brand: In order for it to stand out and become the first option, it must have something that makes it more special, useful and outstanding than the options presented by the competition.
  • Simple and recognizable image.Brands like Coca Cola, Sony, Nike, have a simple but powerful image, with outstanding attributes.

Getting a brand to be positioned is an important value, since it is also likely to be the one that generates the most sales. There are also other values ​​such as price, history and advertising that must be worked on to make a brand the benchmark in its sector.